5 Types of Orgasms – No Pressure, just Pleasure!

Women can have 5 different types of orgasm!

“Five? I’m fortunate if I have one.
You meant three, right?” – reaction to my statement.

Well, it’s true that female orgasm is more complex than men’s. However, it’s nothing to do with physical ability, more of what a woman needs is to feel completely relaxed, comfortable, safe and some level of emotional stability and connection to herself or partner to reach an orgasm.

Orgasmic tips for girls:

The five types of Female Orgasms

Clitoral orgasm
The clitoral orgasm is the most common type of female orgasm. Most women can reach orgasm by rubbing the clitoris and the area around with their fingers or using a vibrator on the clitoris. The clitoris has million little nerves running through. It is super sensitive “magic bottom” which by the right stimulation, can help women reach orgasm the easiest and fastest way.

How to get more of it:

Masturbate. Exploring your sweet spot alone will allow you more body confidence. You will learn how much pressure, which direction and in what speed you like to be touched, so once you have a partner, you can guide them easier how you like it.

Vaginal orgasm
Vaginal orgasm can be achieved by G-spot stimulation or having intercourse with your partner or using your favourite vibrator to pleasure your yoni (yoni = vagina). Less sensitive for most women than the clitoris area. However, if you can have vaginal orgasms, it’s a more intense orgasm. Men find this type of orgasm super sexy as they make your vaginal orgasms credited due to their “magic wand” and TLC abilities.

How to get more of it: 

Just because you never experience vaginal orgasm, doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Keep experiment. Studies show that about 2/3 into the vagina there is a  g-spot if it’s been hit during fingering or penetration you can have a vaginal orgasm.

All about G-spot Stimulation and Squirting here

Joint orgasm
Joint orgasm when more than one erogenous zone has been stimulated simultaneity for reaching orgasm. It can be the clitoris, vagina and anus area. The more stimulation there is, the better chance to have the best orgasm, maybe even multiple orgasms.

How to get more of it: 

Stimulating multiple erogenous zones at the same time. It’s the easier to add a vibrator into your sex life. If you have a partner, try We-Vibe if you single can go for a multi-mode vibrator.


Anal orgasm
For some women, it’s still a taboo area. No entry. No backdoor fun. It’s considered ‘something only bad girls do, or it’s for porn stars.’ Today there are hips of anal (starters) toy kits to start exploring. Give it a try first, before you quit it. Make sure to lubricate and start with something small. Backdoor plays are same as any sexual activity, the more you do it, the better you become. Practice makes perfect, confident and with time it gets easier. However, it might not be your thing at all, don’t force it on yourself. Anal sex has to be something both partners agree on and willing to explore (without fears)! Otherwise, you set up for failure before you even started!

How to get more of it: 

Let go fear and relax your body and mind. Using a mini jewellery buttplug to get started expanding your anal horizon can be a wonderful start of a sacred “let go s**t”  journey.

My motto: I try anything (at least once) and see how it makes me feel. Give yourself the same benefit of the doubt around anal sex to decide if you like it or not. Always listen to your intuition rather than others’ ‘bad experience’! Don’t let your fear, shame, and guilt limit your orgasm potential. Anal sex can be a highly addictive form of reaching multiple earth-shattering hypnotic orgasms, (with a trusted partner!)

Hands-free orgasm
I am a firm believer that women’s biggest sex organ is the brain. The place where everything is related to everything. Good news guys, if you learn to communicate with the right vocal tone and use some seductive, hypnotic language, your lady will be on her knees in no time. Mastering hypnotic language will spice up your dating life.

How to get more of – Read the full post on hands-free orgasm. 

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Happy orgasmic life, beautiful souls.




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