The 3 Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasms

Best sex positions for female orgasm.

How do I know if my girlfriend having an orgasm? – asked a client of mine.

You don’t (really). – I admitted.

Women can ‘cheat’ and ‘fake’ orgasm. I believe every woman ( at least once in her lifetime) have faked an orgasm. Due to social pressure, lack of self-esteem, not being present (running the to-do-list in her head) during sex. Most female feels  -if they haven’t reached orgasm during sex – they failed.

Women’s brain and body work such in a complex way. Everything connected to everything. Women generally need more time to warm up and get relaxed then, men.  However once heated up, ready for go longer! Girl, Don’t fake it! 

Sexual dissatisfaction will lead conflicts in any relationship. Girls, it’s best to tell your man, how you enjoy sex.

Bonus Tip For Women: Accept yourself. Make friends with your pussy. Practice daily self-pleasuring to know which stimulation swipe you off your feet instantly, so you can tell your men.

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GUYS!!!! If you want to know how to make a female orgasm (pretty much everytime) this article can be the most import article you ever read in your life. The right sex positions will take out the guesswork so you can just focus on your lady. Take charge of your sex life and make her come fast. Once a women become a well-f*cked one, she won’t stop. She will keep coming back for more and more. Let’s dive into the sex positions.

1: Modified Doggy – ‘The Sphinx’

The woman lay on the stomach. Lift her chest up and put her weight on her arms and pull one leg up towards her shoulders.The man lays on top of her, kneeling next to her hips with knees squeezing her legs together as much as possible.

Benefits of the pose
Ideal pose when a man has a smaller size. This position will increase the sensation of the penetration. The man can easily adjust the angle, depth, rhythm while thrusting. Women can squeeze her legs and pelvic muscles together to maximalize tightness of vaginal muscles.

Turn on

-Enable kissing
It’s a perfect pose for some romantic lovemaking. Despite the fact that it’s a modification of doggy pose, it will trigger entirely different qualities during the intercourse. It’s so cosy that intimacy almost guaranteed. You can easily reach out and kiss your partner’s lips, neck or back during this lovey-dovey pose.

-Body-to-body slide
Apply lots of lube on the women’s back and slide up and down on her back while inserting your penis into her vagina. It will activate many senses, and she will feel in heaven with no time.

-Deeper sensation

The man can be in his natural act, be dominant. It will allow the man to penetrate deep inside the women’s vagina and also stimulate the anus area at the same time.

Turn off
-Lower-back pain
Some women suffer from lower back pain and hip stiffness this pose is not recommended in those cases. The position requires women to have some hip and back flexibility and stay still for a while.

-Inflexibility and cramps
Some women don’t have hip or back flexibility. Always check with your partner and her ability before the pleasure turns into pain. Uncomfortable sex position will naturally lead to unenjoyable sex, as your lady will only focus on holding the position rather than feeling you.

3 Bonus tip to Enhance The ‘Sphinx’ Pose

Talking, whispering, communicating during sex will increase the level of connectedness and help to stay present.

Give lots of kisses all over each other’s body. Kissing burns calories and naturally release some happy hormones.

-Use a Blindfold
Blindfold your women. It will bring magic into her sensation. It will sharpen and turn up all her senses. Go slow, explore, gently stroke her body top to toe. Make her crave for your manhood before actually penetrating in her.

2: CowGirl – “The Ride of Your Life”

The man lay down on his back with straight legs little spread apart. You kneel on top of him, descent and take in his erected penis (into your vagina). Move your hip up and down, circle, forward motions. Run through your fingers on his face, neck or simple press down onto his chest while experiencing the right pace and depth of his penis. Man can stay either passive or active within the position.

Passive –  man lay down on his back and just enjoy the ride.
( Admire the view of a beautiful Amazon (You!!!) taking over him)

Active – man can use his hands to wander, explore, stimulate the women’s erogenous zones: playing with her breasts, thighs and buttocks area while she is doing all jumping.

Benefit of the pose

It’s ideal for both partners. It’s one of the easiest positions for women to reach orgasm. She can stay in control at all time. She adjusts the penetration angle, rhythm, depth and the pacing the stimulation with her hip movement. During this sex position, it is possible to keep constant eye-contact. Kiss and touch each other’s body while enjoying the intercourse. Being on top of your partner shows a high level of sexual confidence, which is super hot! Sexually confident women would turn any man on.
Man are visual creatures; they like the view as much as they enjoy the ride. So buckle up Girl and let’s go for it.

Turn-off for women
-No free ride, you must work that cock baby!
( Squatting in the gym will help you ride cock longer!)
*Morning Cowgirl sexercise = a few squads in gym

Which one you rather do?

Deep penetration can be intimidating or painful for some women ( remember, you can hold, squeeze your pussy upper on his cock! Especially useful if your partner has a bigger willy, lucky days if you ask me!)

3 Bonus Tips to Enhance CowGirl Pose:

-Touch yourself
– stimulate your clitoris while riding his cock (super sexy)

-Touch him
– play with his nipples, give him a kiss

-Sync for breathing for climax together

3: V-shape Missionary ” Fly like an Eagle”

Women lay down in a bed on her back.The man kneels in front of the women. Sit back on his feet with slightly open knees next to the women’s body. Lift up and hold the women’s legs towards the sky in an open V-shape form while penetrating her.

Open V-leg – Loose fit – ideal for “big boys” to go dig deeper without causing pain.
Crossed V-leg – Tighter fit – ideal for “smaller boys” wanting to make ‘huge impact’.

Bonus tip

For men
Be adventurous: hold, massage, kiss, lick or even suck your partner’s feet! Check with your lady if she is fine with it and prior acting test the level of feet ticklishness !!! You do not want to end up accidentally kicked in the face! Unless that’s your thing…!?

For women Place a pillow or two under your head and hip area for maximum comfort.

Benefits of pose:
Ideal for both partners. The women can completely get relaxed during this position. This state can allow her to get present in her body and reach orgasm faster. The man can be a dominant or soft lover and can penetrate in all entries. Perfect for tit lover man, cause while the man can enjoy the view of the bouncing boobs.

Turn on
Total immersion and relaxing for women.
– Easy access to everything. Some couples love anal sex; this pose makes it easy even if you are a beginner to get some back-door plays in your sexual repertoire.
Multiple stimulations options for multiple chances of orgasm. Here you have three true pleasure buttons to press: Clitoris, G-spot, anal stimulation during vaginal penetration. Not to mention adding into some nipple play. That will already boost four times up your lady’s chance to climax or even experience multiple full body orgasms.

Turn off
Some women are scared or concerned about deep penetration, or they had previous past traumas from bad sexual encounters.To avoid this, always reassure your lady only to go as deep as she still feels comfortable, lifting her legs only up to an angle it’s still comfortable and leading a slow to fast pace rather than a quickie.

3 Bonus tip How To Enhance Orgasm  
– Eye-gazing
Most women feel more connected to their partners if they can see them during a sexual act.

-Sync your breathing
Breathing is one of the most important when trying to be more present in any given life situation. Being with your partner, try synchronising your breath while making love.

-Add a vibrator
This pose is ideal to use WeVibe for couples.

Check out resources pages for all sex toys I recommend for more pleasure.

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Have you ever faked an orgasm?

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