#Pillowtalk: How To Eat a Girl Out

How to Eat A Girl Out (from a man’s perspective)

“Eating a girl out it’s an art. Art of surrounder to her most sacred spot in the body: her vagina. Start out with lots of foreplay, put a pillow and towel under her butt, your tongue and neck will thank you later.

I like to start out just kissing and making out with my partner before eating her out. Using my mouth, work her neck, boobs, stomach, thighs, legs, even toes, then back up again. Work side by side over her vagina, licking the crease of her inner thighs, back and forth, breathing hot air onto her clit but do not lick her, just yet! Maker her anticipate. Grab the outside of her labia with thumb and index finger like a sandwich and just pinch that beautiful and tight, then slowly move it up and down. Girls can take quite some pressure so don’t be too soft. Massage all around her pubic area because the clitoris root extends down the two sides like a wishbone. Nice long strokes down the sides of her vagina.

Your first lick is crucial. Get your tongue covered in saliva and make that first lick count. Nice, big fat lick from the bottom all the way to the top, letting your tongue be wide and flat. That first lick should let her know that you love this and she needs to get ready for the ride of her life.

Lick everything using every pattern and motion you can think of. Peel her labia apart and lick the part between her outer and inner labia. Lick her frenulum, which is below the clit and above her vaginal opening. Lick above her clit. Suck her labia into your mouth and twirl your tongue all over it. Tilt your head to the side and bring her lips into yours, sucking gently and sliding your tongue all over her. When she gets too hot, pull away and lick her thighs, maybe even coming up to suck her boobs or her face. You can even reach back and play with her toes while licking her clit.
Make mental notes of what she likes so you can go back to those later. Use your hands to massage her body. Caress her sensually, scratching, pinching, tickling.

When she gets into the groove of it, stick a finger in and gently massage her G-spot. The consensus is a “come hither” motion from back to front, but I like to do all kinds of movements.
Repeat one good movement, do not mix it up. Once you change it, then you have to start over again. Usually, it’s covering her clit with your mouth, sucking on it gently and using your upper front teeth, gently peel back her hood and lick her clit.

When she gets close to cumming, put two fingers in and massage her G-spot harder. When she cums, reduce the speed of the licking and hold on and don’t let your tongue loose contact with her. Keep your tongue on her at all costs, as hard as you can, really pushing it in, for as long as a minute, until she has completely relaxed. She’s sensitive during the entire come down the process so keep your tongue on her, mmm maybe moving very slowly. During the come down you can either keep your fingers inside her or take them out, depends on what she likes. If you go to wash up and return to your girl sleeping, you’ve done a good job.

Happy Eating a Girl Out to all men out there!

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