Hi. I’m Alexandra.

On this page, I’ll share with you my own story of what led up to helping top 6-figure top performers like you awaken their sexual power, master their emotions, and embody their soul’s purpose so they can thrive inside & outside the boardroom.

I’d like to accompany you on a journey similar to the one I’ve been on over the years. Because, to tell you the truth, I haven’t always been able to talk so openly, fearlessly, and freely about sexuality, and I’ve especially not been able to help others regarding the topic.

I Am A Woman Who Has Been Living

Emotional Dramas


In Doubt And Shame About Her Sexuality


Faced Some Nasty, Unsatisfying, And Orgasm-Free Relationships


And Lack Of Confidence When It Comes To Worthiness


Now I Am A Woman…

who dared to overcome her insecurities, fears, doubts about her own body, sexual needs, imperfections, and despite all challenges embarked on a beautiful self-exploration in my healing journey of empowered conscious living and dating.

who permits herself every day to explore, feel, be real, authentic, and sexually express free of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds‘, a woman who dared to choose creativity instead of just living.

who learned slowly to accept herself despite all imperfections, accept and love her body, embrace her true feminine side, and set her inner sexual goddess power on fire

How Does It Feel Like?

Liberating, relieving, and bringing balance to other areas of my life… but how about experiencing it for yourself?

Because it has become a mission for me to help others have this experience. When you feel it in your gut that now something magical is happening to you:

– incredible sexual energy;
– permeating every inch of you and your partner;
– at the same high level, you are used to in business.

Over the years I have also found that my sex coaching sessions with top performers are the most effective. Because for our cooperation to be truly effective, chemistry and mutual commitment are essential:

– I’ll listen to you and help you unlock your sexual potential;
– but you’ll also need to put in the work, invest the energy and be open.

The best thing is that by working on sexual freedom and fulfillment in private coaching sessions, we usually achieve indirectly spectacular improvements in other key areas.

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