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I am Alexandra. I’m a life – sex coach & tantric bodyworker.

I consider myself a sexual alchemist, goddess and a free-spirited woman.

Someone who has been living in doubt, shame about her sexuality, needs and desires. Someone who faced some nasty unsatisfying orgasm-free manipulatative relationships, emotional dramas and lack of confidence when it comes to worthiness.

Someone who dared to overcome her insecurities, fears, doubts about her own body, sexual needs, imperfections and despite all challenges embarked on a beautiful self-exploration healing journey of empowered conscious living, dating, mating.

Someone who permits herself every day to explore, feel, be real, authentic and sexually express free of ‘must’ and ‘shoulds‘.

Someone who learnt slowly to accept herself despite all imperfection, accept and love her body, embrace her true feminine side and set on fire her inner sexual goddess power.

As your coach, mentor, ‘big sister’ who you never had… I can offer you my nonjudgemental, no BS approach to shorten your path to sexual libereation.

I came from a social background where sexually free women were classified as ‘bitches.’ My parents taught me to be a ‘good girl.’ Growing up, it was a massive confusion within me. I always felt more sexual than anyone I knew. My brain and heart (pussy) were constantly fighting. Trying to meet false social expectation (being a good girl – having monogamous relationships) and the same time suppressing my authentic sexual self within.

For a very long time, I was ashamed, embarrassed, kept hiding and defeating my sexuality which made me unhappy and dissatisfied.

But let me tell you, being someone else you are not, can be super exhausting.

  • One day it hit me. I can’t continue living this lie. I can’t wake up and be the ‘good girl.’
  • I want to expand and start blooming like a full colourful flower I am.
  • I realised to do that I have to stop acting differently than I feel inside.
  • I must accept myself just the way I am.
  • I must permit myself to be the naughty, well-fucked, provocative, unapologetic gorgeous sexual human being I truly am.
  • I decided to stop controlling and suppressing my life and explore my sexuality deeper or rather say just become it!

From this point, I completely embraced my high sexual interest, drive, naughty mind and constant curiosity to experience something new and sexy. Now I feel lucky and look at my sexuality as the greatest gift. I am not unique.

It’s available for anyone, who’s willing to put the work in. 

Let me shorten your journey…

I am a kink, LGBTQ+ and non-monogamy friendly coach.

I work with people who are involved in, or curious about, non-traditional relationships to be who they want to be and love life.
Maybe you want to talk with someone independently and confidentially that won’t judge you for your sexuality or gender. You have issues that may or may not be related to your sexuality or gender that you want to work through with someone who will empathise and you don’t have to hide parts of yourself from.

Sexuality and passion require a regular self-check-in, self-love, awareness and conscious decision-making about loving yourself no matter what. Similar to embarking on a spiritual path. It’s a trial and error, fail and fulfilment process. It’s a life-long studying journey.  I am honoured to go with you on your journey and see you blossom.

One thing I realised, that the more you love yourself, the more you will be able to open up towards the world, your partner and will increase your chance of having an overall ecstatic lifestyle.

Embracing my true self and letting go limiting beliefs around my passion for sex has brought me tremendous adventures, lovers and creative ways to express myself and become overall happy and unapologetically sexy empowered female that I am today.

Are you been hiding, suppressing and ignoring your needs?

Are you ready to take charge back to your sexuality and life?

I am a good person to work with on exploring if any of these fit your situation:
* You want to explore the possibility of non-monogamous relationships
* You are in a monogamous relationship and would like to open it to being non-monogamous with consent.
* You are in a polyamorous relationship and want to work through issues and problems that have arisen
* You don’t want to have to explain polyamory to a therapist or coach
* You want help creating a set of agreements and a structure that works for your relationship(s)
* You are looking to spice up your sex life – leave ‘vanilla’ behind and embark on a kinky cream 🙂
* You or your partner(s) have experienced sexual trauma and want help to heal, create an exciting sex life and to manage and eliminate triggers.

Wonderful. I bow and congratulate you for your COURAGE and DECISION toward claiming your sexuality!