Hi. I’m Alexandra.

What if you are only using 5% of your sexual potential today?

Would be interested to learn how to tap into rest of your power? So you can HAVE IT ALL! 100%?


I Am A Woman Who Has Been Living


Lack of Fulfillment, Joy, Pleasure when it comes to Life/Sexuality 


Deep Shame About Sexual Desires ( Oh those ‘shoulds’) 


Faced Some Nasty, Unsatisfying, And Orgasm-Free Relationships


And Lack Of Confidence When It Comes To Worthiness


Now I Am A Human…

who dared to overcome her insecurities, fears, doubts about her own body, sexual needs, imperfections, and despite all challenges embarked on a beautiful self-exploration in my healing journey of empowered conscious living and dating.

who permits herself every day to explore, feel, be real, authentic, and sexually express free of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds‘, a woman who dared to choose creativity instead of just living.

who learned to FULLY accept, love and honour her body, embrace her feminine essence and trust her inner guidance to deepen pleasure, flow and ecstasy within and around.

How Does It Feel Like?

Liberating, relieving, and empowering  all areas of my life… but how about experiencing it for yourself?

Because it has become a mission for me to GUIDE others to have this SHIFT.

When you feel it in your gut that now something magical is happen to you:

– incredible sexual energy;
– permeating every inch of you and your partner;
– at the same high level, you are used to in business.

Over the years I have also found that my holistic coaching sessions are deeply transformative for people. Because You feel SEEN. You will feel SAFE to share and be open and free.

Mutual chemistry and commitment are essential:

– I’ll guide, challenge and encourage you to unlock your full sexual potential

– but it takes two to TANGO, so you need to do the inner work as well.

The benefit of working on sexuality in a one-and-one private coaching session that your entire life goes through an UPGRADE.

Expect spectacular improvements in other key areas.

Ready To Take The First Step To Your Sexual Liberation?