Subtle Art of

Mindful Masturbation 

with Alexandra Holovitz

Embody a Powerful and Magnetic Presence

effortlessly attract women, money and success

Feel GROUNDED, calm and present as you navigate with EASE in yourself & relationship

IGNITE PASSION & Embody Your Higher SELF?

Have a new felt relationship with your body and PLEASURE so you can EXPAND your orgasmic potential

EMBODY a deep sense of trust and awareness of your body as you touch yourself (others) with unshakeable CONFIDENCE and compassion


    Awaken The Ancient Tantric WisdomTruth & Power of Your Body

    You want to get out from your head back into your body – aligned with your PURPOSE, unique gifts & abilities

    You want to have the COURAGE to go deeper & do the ‘inner work – feel energized, EMPOWERED to live your true essence

    You want to BREAKTHROUGH the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from having the relationship or job you crave for

    You want to learn how to become a tantric sex master to feel deeper connection and more PLEASURE

    You want to surround yourself with like-minded brothers who are PASSIONATE and dedicated to the same path as YOU are.

    Cultivating unshakable self WORTH will eliminate the need to seek outside validation for good.

    Awaken The Ancient Tantric

    Wisdom Truth & Power of Your Body
    I'm in

    Right now you use masturbation

    to release stress, anger, frustration 

    to handle insomnia or sleep better

    to numb your pain or worries 

    to pass boredom 

    to disconnect 

    Regular masturbation can leave you


    tired, fuzzy

    with a deep hunger.

    It’s a never-ending roller-coaster ride, where you can’t get enough.

    What if that would END today? 

    A 3 day Immersion for the Men Who is Ready to Take Things into Their Own Hands

    Next activation starts on May 7th

    Day 1


    Look back so you can MOVE FORWARD

    Day 2


    Become an Energetic Match for Tantric Sex GOD

    Day 3


    Awaken Sexual Pleasure to Thrive in Life, Biz and BED 

    Close your eyes and see the NEW you!

    Instead of focusing only the stimulation of yourself (your genitals) intensely to reach a short-lived peak orgasm thought fraction, you will start focusing on relaxing, breathing deeply, and feeling the subtle sensations of pleasure – amplifying them into much more intense states.


    Exploring and expanding through conscious touch and connection with your entire body through breath-sound-movement. 


    Tapping into the flow of juiciness of sexual energy to move and heal your body from the inside out. 

    You will use self-stimulation to build orgasmic bliss states and transmit that energy back to your body to become more alive and to thrive in life and business. 

    You most likely know Napoleon Hill and Nicolas Tesla, right? They both are genius in what they do and both mastered the art of sexual energy mastery. 

    This is not a hidden treasure, it’s available for YOU as well. 

    If you are someone who had enough:


    Feeling depleted after sex or masturbation

    Feeling not good enough in bed 


    Feeling lack of energy and vitality 


    Feeling ‘dull’ or not magnetic in his presence 


    Feeling fuzzy or unclear in mind

    I got YOU!

    This change when you shift from regular masturbation to mindful masturbation:

    You will have

    More energy

    More stamina


    More awareness and power 


    More intention and self compassion 


    More clarity and acceptance 


    More presence and impact


    Excercises for you to leverage throughout

    Value: $1,000


    12 hours of live coaching over 3 days

    Value: $4,000

    Mindful Masturbation Workbooks

    Value: $100

    Community of fellow conscious men


    Total value


    Your investment


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