Erotic Hypnosis Membership


Erotic Hypnosis Membership


Welcome to the Sexy Mindset! Your hypnotic bestie on the go!

Lay back, relax and let me do the ‘work’ for You to reprogram your unconscious mind!

Expand your mind with a creative energy to reclaim your vibrant, confident, powerful self – one track at a time!

This feed is designed to turn down any limiting beliefs about sex/self and turn up confidence, magnetism & pleasure!

Subscribe now and receive a special welcome gift – a personalised hypnotic message by Alexandra Guru.

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My sensual and seductive voice will take you deep into your hypnotic fantasy – making you feel empowered.

Inside you will enjoy:

·    Free welcome recording by Alexandra

·    Sexy audio trances, totally unique – not seen or heard anywhere else!

·    15% coupon code for any other program or 1:1 VIP purchases

·    Monthly Voxer group support, chat, and Q&A

·   Opportunity to request hypnotic track (only for subscribers)

·    Personal stories and recommended resources shared

I love to guide you deeper, so you can FEEL more sexy, successful and smart by unlocking the hidden power of your brain!

Any questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing to We will get back to you within 24-48 hour.

Can’t wait to meet You!



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