The Change

The Change


Transform Your Life With Hypnosis

Learn how to use hypnosis for yourself & your loved ones so you can make all your (naughty) desires become your real-life adventures. 


A world filled with prosperity and pleasure

Where You get to create mind-blowing results in less time

Where you have the skills and toolbox to turn on your brain’s hidden potential with orgasmic creative energy – so over time you’ll become smarter, more sexually attractive and prosper with ease and flow!

I will teach YOU the 3 main types of hypnosis that can supercharge and change your entire Life. As it did for me and my VIP clients. 

These skills will shift your day-to-day mindset, your body and energetics. 

You will have access to the motivation and nourishment of the most powerful tool – your mind – so you can break free from struggle and live a stress-free blissful life. 

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The Invitation


Join me in a 4-week personal transformation journey – where you will learn: 

How to use Hypnosis for yourself & loved ones to create fast transformation in all areas: sex- love- life and overall well-being. 

How to enter a deep meditative state where you feel relaxed & you will be able to reprogram your subconscious mind at the same time.

How to reframe your thoughts and beliefs around a certain matter, so you can create new thoughts/beliefs to uplevel your lifestyle.  

My story


Everything started with my insatiable hunger for change. 

I grew up in a country/household where conscious choice and creation was NOT a given. 

I often felt behind and compared myself to others. 

I often felt that I was just  ‘different’ when it was about -those BIG life goals.

I valued freedom, fun and growth more than my peer groups. 

 I would say I was a late bloomer – at age 34 I felt totally burnt out and ‘alone’, hiit a plateau in my career, had no romantic partner and was actually afraid of real romantic commitment and intimacy. I felt ‘something’ was terribly wrong with me despite all my conscious efforts -so I knew something needed to CHANGE.  

I needed to create my TRUTH and own up exquisite, honest and somewhat ‘too much’ identity instead of trying to fit in and keep myself small. 

So I can break free from the cage of my own mind, the old programming, old beliefs that were holding me back. 

Leaving behind the mental, physical and social conditioning and expectations… 

That’s when I came across hypnosis and embarked on a self-illumination and discovery journey with this amazing empowerment tool. I have learnt from several international teachers, and investigated and studied books about the MIND.  

My mind was/is still blown, literally – how much our subconscious mind (unconscious programs) runs the day-to-day show – aka our LIFE. 

I also discovered some transgenerational trauma beliefs that kept me small and away from living my best life. This has been 5 years now… and since then I totally transformed my life. 

I have created a 6 figure international business, have a loving and conscious relationship, a career that I’m passionate about and I’m on a mission to support others to heal faster & on a deep cellular level with the power of using hypnosis. 


Why am I so passionate about it?

In 5 years, I helped hundreds of people transform their lives from all around the world. 

I witnessed severe trauma healed in a single session.

I guided couples to repair their relationship, and I supported other men/women to feel more empowered so they can attract their soulmate.  


I have an intuitive GIFT – I see other people’s limitless potential

My mission is to give YOU this GIFT to see Yourself and uplift others as well. 


You can create the same transformation in your life by using this powerful tool called Hypnosis. Let’s create a world where you will experience less struggle and wonder in awe with more bliss. 


Program includes: 

What’s inside it?

4 x 75 minutes weekly group session with me (Value: $997)

Access to my Erotic Hypnosis Vault(Value: $197)

Guidance between the calls  (Value: 497)

BONUS: 1h x Hypnosis Creation Session (Value: $297)

Total Value $2000


How do you know if the course is for you?

You are looking for CHANGE and a transformative tool to support that

You want to heal & grow your mind-body connection

You love learning and adding new tools to your practice

You want to have more ease and flow in life and share that know-how with others! 


How do you know if the course is NOT for you?

You are not willing to make a time commitment of four weeks to see results. 

You are not able to follow the guidance or are keen on learning or changing. 

You are not able to take full responsibility for your own transformation. 

What We’re Covering


Week 1: The Mind 


  • What is the difference between the conscious/subconscious mind
  • How to rewire your thoughts/emotions – from struggle to thriving 
  • How to find self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns in your life
  • How to shift a belief that no longer serves You
  • How to add an erotic flavour to all this for deeper healing 

Week 2:  Hypnosis as a Tool for personal transformation and healing


How to set up the hypnotic scene

How to create safety and boundaries in yourself and others

How to clearly communicate, give/ask consent and specify want/maybe/dont’s. How to follow the hypnosis protocol – using the 5 Sense Mind-Body Method

How to learn to use your voice to create transformation in self and others


Week 3:  Learn the main 3 types of Hypnosis I use


  1. Higher self-hypnosis (asking for guidance for deeper self-connection) 
  2. Sensual hypnosis (clearing negative emotions to bliss and pleasure) 
  3. Mind-Body Method (visual and kinesthetic anchoring for better quality life) 


Week 4:  Learn to put it all together  – PRACTICE


  • Create Your Own Mind-Mapping and Scripting for Desired Goal 


  • Bonus: Q&A call for all questions, sharing and open fire-place style convo. 


If you feel anything like me before, it’s the TIME to change. 


Change your thoughts to change your LIFE. 


The program will run from Nov 27th (Full Moon) for 4 weeks in a group setting including live calls, homework, and telegram group chat for in-between questions and support. 


Your special subscriber early bird price is $555 (price will increase to $777 after November 22nd) If you want to add extra support – I have 2 spaces for VIP option for group + additional 3 one-on-one calls with Alexandra spread throughout Nov/Dec for $1555. 


Payment are plans available!


Group program, VIP Option


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