The Multi Orgasmic Man Masterclass

The Multi Orgasmic Man Masterclass


In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn more about the benefits of semen retention. How it can boost your confidence, presence and focus in and out of bed and how you can use breathwork to maximalize your cock power. We will deep dive into breathwork to magnetize your life!

You will reconnect with your entire body, TRUST your masculine power and come back to your inner Sex God, back to YOUR true essence.

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In this masterclass you will learn about:

-How to Practice Solo Tantra as a Male
-How to Awaken Your Inner Masculinity through Breathwork
-How to Let Go Of Control and Surrender to Pleasure
-How to Connect Deeper With Yourself & Others
-How to Expand Your Awareness and Gain More Presence
-How to Sync Your Body-Mind-Soul Connection
-How to Show up in Your True Masculine Power
-How to Use Your Sexual Energy for Healing and Creation
-How to Do Orgasmic Breathing – aka Testicle Breathing
-How to Surrender Pleasure to Experience Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

Let’s get started!


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The Multi Orgasmic Man Masterclass