How Do We Work Together?

The proven NEW C.O.M.E method where I guide you from sexual repression to sexual mastery in 30 days!

Ready to deep dive into PLEASURE?

Let’s be honest, sexuality is an intimate subject. It requires mutual TRUST even to talk about it openly.

Especially if you have specific goals to achieve in bed, like…

You want to finally get over discomforts such as difficulty having orgasms, limiting beliefs about your body, low libido, inhibitions, or a past unpleasant memory


You find it hard to switch off mentally, so you can rarely concentrate on the sex experience itself and tune in to your partner


You want to experience sexuality at the highest level, as you are used to in business




You no longer want to feel anxious about your sexual performance and would like to put the discomfort of an erection or premature ejaculation behind you


You would like to give your partner a level of pleasure and a series of orgasms in bed that she has never dreamed of


You want to learn new ways of self-pleasure, embodiment and practical sex tips so you can become the best LOVER and MAN she always open for.  


I Know That Deep Down You Hold An Amazing Sexual Energy

By working together, I will help you to unlock this enormous potential…

Imagine that You could unleash the same drive, confidence and tenacity you’ve grown accustomed to in business in your sex life. Think about how, step by step, you become more and more able to live your desires, your intimate wishes, and to please your partner.

Do you know what the best part is?

Utilizing sexual energy as a positive self-stimulation process helps you to thrive in life and business. It’s fantastic how you can awaken and harness your erotic potential, strength and confidence beyond the boardroom.

That’s why I provide a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental space for exploring issues around communication, consent, sexuality, intimacy, or relationship dynamics.

What You Can Expect From Me…

I am 100% focused on you, your situation and your goals, I really have a genuine interest from within


I’ll understand you, because it was also a long process for me to be able to talk so openly about sexuality today


we can talk without taboos, I am outspoken and I like straight talk


I’ll be patient with you and support you step by step along your journey


while you can expect a free, spontaneous and relaxed atmosphere during our conversation


What Will Be Needed On Your Part…

the same conscious, professional attitude you bring to business


be open and dare to say things you’ve never said before


dare to trust me, because I am on a „mission” to help you


sometimes you will have tasks between two coaching sessions


and from time to time we should be delighted as you reach a milestone


The Way We Work Together…

Our first session will be a „discovery call” – we meet at Zoom for a 30-minute consultation.

– I’ll ask you a lot of questions;
– because I want to get to know you, your situation, your challenges and your desires.
– I’ll ask you about what you have tried, what has worked before and what has not worked.

Don’t worry, the conversation won’t feel like an interview or interrogation. 
Most of the time, after a few minutes of discussion, the mood is as comfortable as if we’ve known each other for a thousand years and were having a cup of coffee and talking about intimate matters.

Although our first session can be liberating in itself, consensus on the most appropriate next steps can be reached in the light of what was covered there.

How Others Have Felt About The Dicovery Call…

I have been taking online coaching sessions with Alexandra for 2 months now. It has been an amazing experience.

Initially, it was very much about discussing my ’issues’ in coaching sessions. She was listening and asking: asking the right questions, leading to great insights. She offered me a variety of tools how to handle certain situations. Some worked immediately, others needed (or maybe need) some time to be effective. In one situation, this was really useful. It just worked!

The real breakthrough for me came with hypnosis. This is something I had always rejected in the past: it doesn’t work for me, never. Alexandra proved me wrong even with the first session which was an audio cast (!). We have now had a number of sessions real time and we will have more. I am a different person since we are doing this. Even my family sees it. And it works remotely … not unimportant in Corona times.

So in conclusion, Alexandra has opened new worlds to me and has helped me cope with some of my legacy issues which have been impacting my life.

Highly recommend!

I approached Alexandra because I was suffering from a lack of confidence and an inability to maintain relationships and connection with women. I also have a foot fetish, which I believed is a “sin” and not many women would appreciate. Alexandra helped me see the importance of loving myself, communicating my own needs and feeling comfortable in my skin by accepting my sexual desire and be open about it. This was really important to give me the confidence and belief that there is a woman out there for me. I turned from a negative and anxious person into a confident and outgoing man. Alexandra is a very skilled coach, she used a variety of techniques to support me through from somatic coaching (active listening) to hypnotherapy. She is a very attentive and empathetic person, a great listener and someone with a very positive and non-judgemental outlook on life and sexuality.

If you have any mindset or “self acceptance” issues around sex and intimacy, I would highly recommend booking in the 90 day immersion program with her, as it has saved my social and sex life! I’m ever grateful for her! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

That’s What I Want! What’s The Next Step?

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