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How We Can Work Together?

I offer coaching that is aware and supportive of all lifestyle choices including swingers, polyamorous, open or D/S relationships, and other lifestyle choices.  My practice is sex-positive, kink knowledgable. I provide a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental space for exploring issues around communication, consent, sexuality, kink, poly and open-relationship dynamics,  and LGBTQ issues.

Too often, people feel they need to hide part of themselves from their life coach or other helping professional.

I too faced these concerns as a client, having to hide my lifestyle preferences from full view.

I am a good person to work with on exploring any of these fit your situation:

  • You want to explore the possibility of non-monogamous relationships
  • You are in a monogamous relationship and would like to open it to being non-monogamous with consent.
  • You are in a polyamorous relationship and want to work through issues and problems that have arisen
  • You don’t want to have to explain polyamory to a therapist or coach
  • You want help creating a set of agreements and a structure that works for your relationship(s)
  • You are looking to spice up your ‘vanilla’ sex life by adding kink into
  • You or your partner(s) have experienced sexual trauma and want to heal, manage and eliminate triggers.

Overall you want?

  • Feel more connected and alive in your own body?
  • Radiate more sexual confidence and attract the partner you crave for?
  • Experience more kink, excitement and power dynamics in your sexuality?
  • Embrace new sexual fantasies and be able to share these to your partner?
  • Discover alternative sexual lifestyles?
  • Overcome shame, guilt, sexual frustration – ‘I’m different’ ‘I’m not normal’ stigmas?
  • Multiply your orgasms or partners and learn to do it in an ethical way?

Coaching sessions are available over skype or in-person* (Budapest or London).

All healing modalities used are for your ultimate growth as a (sexual) human being.

Modalities I use:

  • Life Coaching + NLP
  • Erotic hypnosis
  • Breath-work, meditation, visualization
  • Shadow integration – Kink Coaching
  • Dearmouring Tantric Bodywork


2019 – Tantric Body Awakening + Dearmouring Training – Andrew Barnes

2019 – Tantric Full Body Energetic Orgasm Course – Sky Child, Holland

2018 – Clinical Hypnotherapy – Jankai János -Budapest

2017 – 2018 Psychosexual Therapy – UK, London

2016 – Deeksha – Oneness Meditation Course & Healing -Bali, Ubud

2015 – Ninna Madden NLP & Life Coaching – UK, London

SEXUALITY is your birthright!

Schedule your call or send me an email for enquires.

Ps: I’m also available for speaking, organizing, hosting or collaborations on subject relevant events.

I am based in Budapest but also frequently travel to UK.

Do you want to work with me but you are based elsewhere? No problem! I have a passport and not afraid to use it!

If you are interested in working together with Alexandra, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Have an Ecstatic Day!