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Ready To Experience A Tinglingly Exciting Sexual Transformation?

My name is Alexandra. I’m an Erotic Hypnotherapist and Sex Coach for men and couples.

I love speaking freely my mind, sharing life experiences and empowering people to live their best sensual, sexual and kinky desires in real-life without feeling shame.

✨I offer this powerful work through 1:1 VIP hypno-coaching, online courses, in person session, custom hypno membership.

I especially love supporting people to explore sacred sexuality, authentic communication and naughty mind-body-PLAYs so they can feel liberated in and out of the bedroom being their true sexy self!

Some fun facts about me:

🖤 I was born and raised in Hungary – grew up in a culture where they still subscribe to the story that being sexually open woman, it’s NOT “normal” and somewhat shameful.

🖤Moved abroad at age 22. Lived, worked, played around the globe for 12 years. Visited 127 countries as a nomad, mostly travelled solo while made my dream come true to write my first book: When in doubt, travel!

🖤I hold an Economist Degree, speak 3 languages and used to be a corporate “slave” climbing the carrier ladder in London until one day I woke up and bought a one way ticket to Australia and travelled Oz & Asia for 15 months while stopped in Bali and transformed into a Divine Goddess through sacred sexuality! Received formal and experimental training in tantra, conscious kink, taoism, nlp and hypnotherapy.

🖤My brain wired in a fun way -99% thinking naughty, making sex-jokes just my second nature so if you someone who gets offended easily or don’t get the sexy-sarcasm skip ⏭️

🖤 I love to get invites & gifts! Being pampered with the luxury of empowering compliments, words, goods, secret getaways, spa days and anything my Projector soul would feel recognized and appreciated! Guilty pleasure of mine😈

🖤 I love red wine,dark chocolate, shiny PVC dresses and eating sushi 🍣

To be continued….If you feel inspired by my story tell me about yourself! Let’s connect ⛓️

Thank you for being here and supporting my sacred work to bring light to places of taboo/dark and radiating my unique voice to YOU!

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