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Sex, Empowerment and Erotic Hypnosis KeyNote Speaker


Alexandra Holovitz is a certified sex coach, NLP and hypnotherapist with a global clientele. Her work includes online hypnotherapy, mentoring, in-person workshops, and speaking engagements. She is the founder of Alexandra Guru, an online pleasure brand that is passionate about teaching men and women personal empowerment tools to create a better sex-life balance.

Alexandra is a charismatic and energetic speaker whose love of life shines through her quirky and quick-witted presentations. Her transparency and authenticity are evident through her use of storytelling and examples of her own challenges in her relationship with others. Alexandra is able to connect with audiences of large or small size - speaking to intimate or larger groups. 

Keynote Topics:

  • Self Pleasure as the Way To ExPand Your Self-love and self-esteem 
  • Mindful Masturbation for Men: How to Make Love Instead Just F$ck 
  • How to Use Hypnosis as Your Foreplay 
  • How Erotic Hypnosis can Enhance Your Sex-life

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