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Custom Hypnosis Session

Have you ever dreamed of surrendering more deeply, becoming captivated by a gentle, seductive feminine voice?


Custom hypno-play-time with Alexandra is designed to do that!

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One-on-One Mentoring

This is my signature container for men ready to quantum leap into the next version of themselves in both love, sex & business, offered inside of 1, 3 or 6 month container.
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Digital Courses

Get my most popular signature programs such as Ultimate Confidence Hypno Bundle to elevate your confidence and charisma day by day! 


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When you release CONTROL to charge your mind with orgasmic energy you will liberate your sensual body - ONE ORGASM at a time.

Alexandra Guru

About me

I’m a Certified Erotic Hypnotherapist & Sex Coach.

Hello Multi-Dimensional Human I’m Alexandra – Sex Coach, Erotic Hypnotist and a 5/1 Projector by Design. (if that means anything for You)

My mission is to empower people to break free from the limitation of mind (beliefs) and tap into the brain’s hidden pleasure potential to reclaim their authentic, F$ck Yes sensual SELF.


My holistic approach covers tantric, kinesthetic, and subconscious mindset work to Human Design energetic soul alignment mentoring.


I’m here to guide you to be your most EMPOWERED EROTIC self – find love, purpose and direction in life to feel satisfaction, success and sexy A.F everyday!

Discover My Signature Digital Courses

Here are just 3 of my most popular Download programs. Check out the Store Page for more.

A selection of transformative hypnosis audios to release old blocks, stuck energy & activate natural healing intelligence in your body to melt away shyness and anxiety quickly when it comes to sex. 

Learn about the benefits of semen retention. How it can boost your confidence, presence and focus in and out of bed.


A 5-week self-paced course all about tantric masturbation – where we take your MASTURBATION HABITS to the next level.


Or you can join the reclaim your sexy mindset membership where you get all tracks for $55/month

Expand your mind with a creative energy to reclaim your vibrant, confident, powerful self – one track at a time!

This feed is designed to turn down any limiting beliefs about sex/self and turn up confidence, magnetism & pleasure!

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Check out what others say about me

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I have been taking online coaching sessions with Alexandra for 2 months now. It has been an amazing experience. Initially, it was very much about discussing my ’issues’ in coaching sessions. She was listening and asking: asking the right questions, leading to great insights. She offered me a variety of tools how to handle certain situations. Some worked immediately, others needed (or maybe need) some time to be effective. In one situation, this was really useful. It just worked! The real breakthrough for me came with hypnosis. This is something I had always rejected in the past: it doesn’t work for me, never. Alexandra proved me wrong even with the first session which was an audio cast (!). We have now had a number of sessions real time and we will have more. I am a different person since we are doing this. Even my family sees it. And it works remotely … not unimportant in Corona times. So in conclusion, Alexandra has opened new worlds to me and has helped me cope with some of my legacy issues which have been impacting my life. Highly recommend!
Carl From Germany
I approached Alexandra because I was suffering from a lack of confidence and an inability to maintain relationships and connection with women. I also have a foot fetish, which I believed is a “sin” and not many women would appreciate. Alexandra helped me see the importance of loving myself, communicating my own needs and feeling comfortable in my skin by accepting my sexual desire and be open about it. This was really important to give me the confidence and belief that there is a woman out there for me. I turned from a negative and anxious person into a confident and outgoing man. Alexandra is a very skilled coach, she used a variety of techniques to support me through from somatic coaching (active listening) to hypnotherapy. She is a very attentive and empathetic person, a great listener and someone with a very positive and non-judgemental outlook on life and sexuality.
If you have any mindset or “self acceptance” issues around sex and intimacy, I would highly recommend booking in the 90 day immersion program with her, as it has saved my social and sex life! I’m ever grateful for her! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
On our last session we did a pleasure and orgasm hypnosis. I have listened her voice, guiding me through an hour bliss. My body was tingled and I was so aroused the whole time. It was an unbelievable experiencing. Sensing so much pleasure in my body just by her smooth voice. I have put faith in her and her techniques, that it will put me to the right journey, but honesty i never expected this much transformation to happen in such a short time. Im beyond grateful to Alexandra, as in the past few weeks, my sexuality have grown beyond any of my expectations. Now I’m practicing concious masturbation and I have orgasm again. My biggest breakthrough is that I can now squirt. I recommend Alexandra wholeheartedly, working with her was a breeze, no views, no stigmas attached. She has a very friendly and welcoming, but professional attitude that makes opening up to her easy. Im sure our path will cross again, one way or another. Thank you for everything x
H London

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