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Hi. I’m Alexandra.

Tantric Sexuality Coach for Men.

I’m specializing on men’s sexual empowerment, healing and awakening. 


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How to Cultivate Sexual Energy?

Master Your Ejaculation?

Become a Multi Orgasmic Man?

= SEX MASTER  in bed 🙂 


  • Problems getting hard or staying hard
  • Porn addiction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Ejaculation feels like nothing more than a crotch sneeze
  • Unable to satisfy her in bed
  • Not feeling turned on
  • No stamina
  • Can’t give her orgasms
  • She’s not interested in sex anymore


    • Ejaculation control
    • Multiple orgasms
    • Full body orgasms
    • Sex for hours without tiring
    • Last long enough to give her deep vaginal orgasms
    • Move sexual energy so that sex doesn’t get boring
    • Connect with her deeply during sex

Would you like to learn :

How to gain overall more sexual confidence, pleasure and satisfaction as a men?

How to improve your sexual abilities, techniques, stamina and cultivate sexual energy while having sex?

How to master your ejaculation and become multi-orgasmic?

Sexuality coaching can help you understand and execute your sexual desires, needs, fantasies.

Do you wonder if your sexual desires, fantasies and thoughts are normal?

Do you feel alone and confused about sexuality? Do you feel like you don’t have the support?

Do you explore your sexual needs? Do you fear judgement? Do you have shame and guilt around your sexual desires?

Sex coaching combined with tantric bodywork can help you find, resolve and remove emotional blockages or social fears, so you can start living an empowered heart-centered sexuality. Extend your body sensation, pleasure and thrive in bed as lover. Have more stamina, power and sexual energy to have rock-solid moments in life.

Our session will support you to receive, give, take, express and evolve deeper into sexual energy and pleasure.

Epic sex is not a luxury, it’s accessible to all, who are willing to embark on the sexual healing journey.

Sexuality is a human need and a birthright.

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Tantric Bodywork is an invitation for you to surrender to the wisdom of your body and let yourself be carried away on waves of heightened sensations.

A Tantric Bodywork Session is a transformative journey where you will be seen and honored in your wholeness.

My loving and caring touch and coaching instructions will support you to build trust and to let go, which are the key components for a deeply sensual and transformative experience.

We are not pursuing any goal, not orgasm, nor spectacular releases. Your body is our guide and I hold the space for whatever needs to come to expression at this specific moment. We can go deep only if we let go of any expectations of how it is supposed to look, letting the moment and the intelligence of your body guide us.

I use a holistic tantric body work supported with tantric body dearmouring.

What is de-armouring?

The armor is a result of blockages created by trauma, tension, thought-patterns and different experiences throughout life. This armor can hinder life-force from flowing freely throughout the body. It hardens and desensitizes the physical body, and because of emotions locked inside, it can also cloud the mind and make it difficult to navigate through life.

De-armouring is also a deep practise to libertion, we can also call it the path of liberation or enlightenment. Basically, the more you learn to meet yourself, pain and pleasure. Yes, pleasure is equally difficult for us as the pain. The more we practice to release, the deeper in contact we come with true joy, intuition and a sense of alivness form deep within. These experiences tend to be so nourishing that we rahter face all challenges to live more freely and in true purpose.

What will happen?
A de-armoring session can be compared to a trigger point massage, where deep pressure is put on various points on the body to release physical, emotional and mental tensions. The points are external as well as internal, but internal work is only done if or when you are comfortable with it.

Each session is unique, and together we will find the best possible support for your release and opening.

A session always starts with a consulation and together we design what will work for you. Weather it is sexual awakening, trauma healing, boundary training, spiritual awakening, soul retrival or tantric practices.

I will use intuitive guidance and coaching to guide you as deep as possible. Your boundaries are respected at all times.

What parts of the body can be de-armored?

In short – every part. The whole body and mind is a potent point. Emotional repression works such as its stored anywhere where the body chose to store it in the moment of happening, trauma or tension.

All beings benefit from both external and internal de-armoring. Men can store a lot of fear and shame in the anus. Women can store a whole range of emotions in their vagina, cervix and womb, from unwanted sex (even the slightest compromise before intercourse can create armor), abortions, rape, abuse, birth control devices — you name it.

Dearmouring can help if:

  • You want to remove limiting beliefs and addiction about sexuality (addiction to porn, ejaculation…)
  • You want to enhance your orgasmic ability and pleasure to deepen connection with yourself and your partner
  • You want to awaken your Inner God & become a better lover in bed
  • You want to boost your masculine energy and sexual-confidence
  • You want to enhance your pleasure – awaken your entire body
  • You want to experience full-body energetic orgasm & learn how to become multi-orgasmic man
  • You want to awaken your body and soul for multiple sensation and orgasmic potential
  • or Simply just curious

Want to learn more about if Dearmouring is for you?

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Miss Alexandra

is a certified life-coach, psychosexual therapist and tantric bodyworker.

She offers support to men to master tanric sexuality while experiencing bliss, connection and ecstatic states. 

She was born in Hungary – lived in 4 continents, visited over 100 countries in a need to explore, play and seek for more aliveness, passion, love and lust. 

More About Me


2019 – Advance Tantric Sexuality Practitioner Training – Andrew Barnes

2019 – Tantric Body Awakening + Dearmouring Training – Andrew Barnes

2019 – Tantric Full Body Energetic Orgasm Course – Sky Child, Holland

2018 – Clinical Hypnotherapy – Jankai János -Budapest

2017 – 2018 Psychosexual Therapy – UK, London

2016 – Deeksha – Oneness Meditation & Energy Healing Training -Bali, Ubud

2015 –  Ninna Madden NLP & Life Coaching – UK, London


My mission is to support men connecting with their sexuality  in a tantric empowered way. Gain more focus, concentration and stamina in life while becoming a Sexual Kung-Fu Master in bed.

I take a result-oriented, motivational and holistic approach, and I keep my sessions informal and lighthearted.

Unlike a traditional therapist who may spend a lot of time in your past I’ll focus on practical, empowering coaching solutions to help you overcome the things that hold you back and reach those big, sexy goals.

Together, we’ll make the action happen!

My Sexuality Coaching Can Help You ( and your relationship)

  • Understand your body, sexual desires, needs and fantasies
  • Experience longer deeper more intimate connection with your own sexuality and with your partner
  • Expand your orgasmic potential – learn to become a multiorgasmic man
  • Learn to gain stamina, focus and how to be a better lover for your partner
  • Learn to break your addiction to porn and ejaculation
  • Learn to communicate openly about your sexual needs and develop your emotional intelligence
  • Learn to self-pleasure in a way that boost your energy not gets you tired
  • Learn to connect with your own body & sexuality
  • Discover how to trive as a lover when you are in a relationship
  • Learn to cope with change, ageing, sexual guilt…




I SUPPORT men with tantra and sexuality coaching to empower, heal, awaken within.

Connection – Expression – Liberation


Currently available in Budapest & UK/Ireland*

*In-person 1:1 coaching or workshop
(but I’m not limited – have a passport to travel to YOU)

I’m also available for speaking, organizing, hosting or collaborations on subject relevant events.

Please send your request via my CONTACT page to be considered!



Via phone or video call vs. email support

No time to meet in person? No worries.

All you need is a smartphone or PC with webcam, internet connection and we can meet 3D in the comfort of you home.

Feeling shy? Better express yourself in writing than talking? Email or WhatsApp can be the solution for you!



All packages start with 20 minutes of FREE discovery call ( ‘chemisty check’ )

Where we discuss your personal needs and desired outcomes for our work.

Depending on the complexity of the sexual desire or problem. I will advise you the required number of sessions.

Pay As You Go

It’s a one-off 120-180 minutes sexuality coaching or tantric body de-armouring taster session with me.

Recommended if:

  • Curious to try sexuality coaching or need a supportive talk to a professional
  • Have only one burning question about a sexual desire, fantasy
  • Have between sessions an issue and no-one to tell.
  • Want to try tantric session with me, before committing for a package.

I’m here to support and hold space for YOU!


60 min Sexuality Coaching – €100

120 min Tantric Body Massage – €300

180 min Tantric Body De-armouring – €400


Open Up Package

It’s when you know you know you ready for CLAIMING YOUR SEXUALITY AS A MAN. 

It’s a body, mind and soul opening experience. Includes:  5 x 180 minute session time.

It’s the opening to Sexual Bliss – tailor-made your individual needs to fast-track your sexual enhancement so that you can become more confident and reach your desired outcome.

Recommended if:

  • You know what do you want, just don’t know how to get there
  • You can’t decided what do you want exactly
  • You need to let go & limiting yourself
  • It’s a 30-60 days 1:1 mentoring to RE-CONNECT with yourself and resolve one specific sexual issue.

Freedom Package

It’s my signature package for the SEEKERS.

I’ll 1:1 mentor you an ongoing 3-6 months on your SEXUAL TRANSFORMATION journey!

This package tailored to individul needs using sexuality coaching, tantric body massage, body-dearmouring, breathwork and homework to reach your desired outcome!

Plus on top of all that you will have Email or WhatsApp support between sessions and I will assign you real-life exercises to support your transformation process and push your boundaries to grow and embrace the new YOU!

Recommended if, you want to work on:

Premature Ejaculation and Mastering your Orgasmic Choice
Erectile Dysfunction
Delayed Ejaculation
Masturbation Coaching and Porn Addiction
Anal and Prostate Explorations

Energy orgasm, multi-orgasmic potential, tantric body awakening…



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