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All about Tantric sex

What is tantric sex? You probably heard about Tantra or might even be tried it, but still not quite sure what is tantric sex and how to get started practising with your partner or by yourself? GREAT! You are in the right place to find out more about tantric sex without the much of the …

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Quit the ‘victim mode’

“The homework you gave me was tough. REAL LIFE smelly, draggy, crying, pulling Oh gosh I want to quit right now, though. I just wanted to pour a glass of wine, curl up and bing watch porn on the sofa – my brain was processing and overloading me questions like: “Why am I’m doing this …

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The Depth of Your Soul ?

Jump into your soul’s ocean there is an illusion of safety in modern society that makes us want to be indifferent to all  you get married then you live happily you get a child then you feel loveyou get a well-paying job you get recognition you get a million dollar then you become successful  these are all …

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