What Is Erotic Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

What Is Erotic Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

Hypnosis is a great way to transform thoughts and rewrite unwanted habits. It has been used for centuries because it works so well. Of course, it can also be used for sexual pleasure. Moreover, there are people for whom hypnosis is an erotic experience in itself. However, erotic hypnosis is a little different, a little more. Here, erotica means more than having an orgasm.

Hypnosis is a deep relaxation process. It’s an altered state of consciousness where the unconscious mind opens up for new perspectives and suggestions.

Many people think that during hypnosis, you fall asleep. However, this is far from the truth. Being in hypnosis actually awakens your mind and body while allowing you to experience sensual desires through visual imagery and body sensations – leaving you feel overall more joyous, blissful and peaceful.

What is erotic hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is a special form of hypnosis that incorporates sexual elements to elicit a sexual response, heighten arousal and enhance sexual pleasure, all through the use of hypnotic words and a state of trance – instead of physical touch. Because all sexual activity starts in your brain.

When in a trance (deep relaxed state) your mind can activate erotic experiences, such as a hands-free mind-orgasm.

Erotic hypnosis can enhance intimacy, love, and trust both in self and in relationship while boosting sexual desire, libido, and eliminate shame and guilt about any sexual fantasy. The brain can’t tell the difference between reality or suggestion. That’s the reason why hypnotic orgasms can feel like a real orgasm without being physically touched at all.

We will discuss in advance the desired outcome for the erotic hypnotherapy. Nothing happens without mutual agreement and consent. It is important that you trust, follow my voice and allow me to guide you deep into trance where transformation can happen.

As an erotic hypnotist, I will put you in trance using mostly my voice. Then I suggest pre-agreed, positive, new thoughts and scenarios to anchor the change in and bring out your sexual desires and power.

Transform your sex life with the power of hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis will be useful for you in two ways.

  1. We can use it to trigger new sexual excitement or to enhance existing desires, to develop ones that you already enjoy.
  2. Otherwise we can eliminate your limiting beliefs or past sexual disappointments. We do a big mind-cleaning to release old, unwanted “garbage” that inhibits your life-force and power.

With erotic hypnosis you will feel more connected, more sensitive and less anxious when it comes to intimacy. You will be safe with my professional guidance as everything happens in a mutual and consensual manner – nothing will happen that you don’t want or against your will! Nothing to worry about – hypnosis only elevates your own desires!

Erotic hypnosis is a wonderful way to play with conscious sexuality and sensual awareness indirectly.

What are the reasons you might want to consider erotic hypnosis?

You would like:

  • feel deeply relaxed
  • let go off old mind-programs and beliefs about sex and what’s right or “wrong”
  • to experience orgasm on command
  • have your first hands-free orgasm without physical touch
  • increase awareness of touch and new sexual desires, emotions and identities
  • control and amplifying orgasmic pleasure during and after trance
  • enhance sexual fantasy and role play
  • experiment safely with kink or indulge in fantasy, bdsm, fetish or “so-called” perversions – that your upbringing might still stigmatised or even discouraged as sexual taboos

How does erotic hypnosis works

Honey, you will be completely safe with me. Don’t let the word: hypnosis scare you!

Each session begins by talking about the desired outcome of the hypnotic activation. Exploring your wants, don’t and maybe’s 🙂

During the session I will guide you into deep relaxed trance-like state using hypnotic induction and deepeners. This is the level where your unconscious mind opens up for receiving information and the “work” begins. It is a theta state where your attention shifts from your immediate environment (e.g. the room you are sitting in or the noises filtering in from the street) to your inner feelings. Feelings, intimate experiences will emerge from you, images will appear in your mind’s eye.

In this state your subconscious mind becomes more and more open to hypnotic suggestions, allowing you to let go of inhibitions and explore your erotic fantasies, even those that may seem impossible or taboo in real life. It can be a stimulating and thrilling experience, almost like having a vivid wet dream. But you’re not dreaming, you are deeply relaxing and focusing on healing.

Mutual trust and consent is a must. The hypnotic subject will need to feel 100% comfortable with their hypnotist and give permission to be hypnotized.

Experiencing your trance state depends on how well you take my “instructions”. When I speak in a seductive, calm, hypnotic voice, it can evoke a relaxing sense. When I speak in a firm, direct, instructive tone it can evoke submission in you. I will adapt my style to our jointly defined goals.
Erotic hypnosis includes positive suggestions to increase your arousal, create or enhance your sexual desire and pleasure. We can also strengthen the intimate relationship with your partner, but we can also help you to divorce them. If that’s your goal.

I give positive suggestions during hypnosis that will work even after your hypnotic experience. Some of them will be triggered by a specific erotic or sexual situation or action. When you let go of self-control, your mind fills with orgasmic energy. Your sensual body is released and you experience the wonderful feeling of bliss, joy and orgasm.

We can “meet”:

  • online – I prefer Zoom
  • in a pre-recorded audio
  • in person, only on VIP days. 😉

Did I just hear, you sighed from excitement?

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