female frigidity

Debunking the Myths of Female “Frigidity”

The last few months I have been working NOT only with men, but more woman and couples as well. Couples who had been together for 5-10 years and reached the point of NOT having intimacy at all or not a satisfactory one. I have noticed a pattern. Men wanting to engage in sexual activity, yet not knowing how to engage in foreplay -done and dusted with minutes – leaving their spouse with nothing but frustration and resentment.

?Having this conversations are HARD.

?Saying your needs is not normalized enough in societies.

?Asking for what you want without actually being in touch with your own sensuality/body, it’s almost impossible.

Therefore many woman choose to settle.

Settle for security and safety, yet unsatisfied or sexless lives.

Errr ?

Telling themselves they are frigid.
Telling themselves for the sake of the kids
Telling themselves that pleasure is for the youth and now things are just different!?

Are they?

I’m not writing this to shame anyone, quite the opposite.

I’m writing this to prevent

Prevent your life to dry up
From the most important force
That once created You
That makes you thrive in life ?

That life-force that once made you shine

You don’t have to go through this ALONE
And definitely NOT in silence ?

In my 7 years of sexual coaching experience FRIGIDITY doesn’t exists with physically healthy woman.

They choose this behavior, because:

They don’t know how to ask for pleasure
They don’t want to hurt the other’s feeling & they been conditioned to just take what they can in the name of safety.

But there is HOPE for change

In every relationship there is times when stress is high, but those are the times teach us how much we live or die for each other. Isn’t that the marriage vote “I’ll love you until death dues apart” is all about?

That raw expression-communication
That raw pleasure
That raw trust and surrender ?

I feel that’s a real conscious relationship is

Taking ownership for your own pleasure
Taking ownership for your evolution as a couple together and being in the zone of giving-receiving-sharing without holding back.

Because the TRUTH might be hard pill to swallow, but it’s the only one to prevent living in state of thinking that something is wrong with you -believing you are frigid- or not wanting to experience pleasure and connection anymore.

Pleasure is your birthright and there is always a way to rewrite your own intimate story! Your brain is a powerful tool to re-create pleasure and joy ???

I have created an orgasmic hypnosis track that will support you to re-connect your mind-body bliss!

If you like to receive this activation send me a message & KNOW, you are NOT ‘faulty’! Just need a reset ?

Thank you for reading and supporting my work and mission to normalize s-xual pleasure!

*Frigidity is a term to use to describe a lack of sexual desire and response

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