Everything You Need To Know About Oral Sex: Health Benefits and Risks

What is oral sex?

Whenever you are new to oral sex or a veteran looking to brush up on technique, this article is for you. I will tell you the ins and outs of oral sex, answer your questions, provide tips and leave you feeling more than confident in your ability to pleasure your partner orally.
In basic terms, oral sex, also known as a blow job, fellatio, going down, giving head, cunnilingus, eating pussy, and eating a girl out. Oral sex requires you to use the mouth to stimulate the partner’s genital areas and (if desired) bring them to climax.


Both partners use their mouth, (tongue and lips) to stimulate the genital and anus area for sexual pleasure. Can be done as part of the foreplay (before intercourse) or on its own. It helps to bring more intimacy, trust and connection into the relationship. In a healthy relationship, it’s common sexual activity.

I believe a well-executed blowjob or pussy eating can help to deepen your sense of commitment, trust and emotional connection with your partner.

Some spiritual and health benefits of oral sex

Oral sex is one of the longest-time practised sexual activity in history. It was introduced to prevent loss of virginity (cunnilingus) and ‘breathe life into’ man (fellatio) after long wars. Oral sex can cause a higher sense of life satisfaction, happiness, freedom and release suffering, shame and guilt in human beings when it performs well.

Mastering and executing a satisfying oral sex can bring spiritual healing, joy, life longevity and overall better life performance. Oral sex can increase human life force and balance yin-yang duality within the energetic body.

I come to understand if we practise oral sex regularly (preferably on a daily basis ) it will create more intimacy, and connectedness and generate satisfaction and unity within the relationship.

A constant physical intimate connection is at least as important as our need for food. When we don’t have enough, we will die or at least suffer. Our bodies will get weak and age faster.

Practising oral sex has some significant health benefits

– Anti-aging
– Reduce risk of breast cancer
– Reduce stress, anxiety, depression
– Increase your memory
– Helps you sleep better
– Reduce risk of prostate cancer
– Natural pain reliever
– Reduce high blood pressure

Just to mention a few of the amazing health benefits, you will get from practising oral sex.

Next time you will give a “blowjob” or “eat your girl out” remember it’s good for your health.

“Make no mistake: girls love getting head as much as giving head. Giving head is good for your health. Getting head is good for the soul.” ― Chloe Thurlow

Not to mention the obvious reason.


You have your cunnilingus, your fellatio, and your non-discriminating anilingus pampering than it’s already a happier somehow brighter day, isn’t it?

It is a win-win situation in any healthy relationship. It always should be a two-way Strada. Give and receive, however; I found giving an awesome blowjob to my man has the same effect if not more pleasurable than having received a fabulous pussy licking from him. Oral sex should be a big part of your world.

Practising oral sex and being a passionate ‘blowjob-er’ myself got me thinking, who was the genius who invented oral sex. Who is the creator of this earth-shaking orgasmic sexual experience?!

Ancient sexy times

In Ancient Rome oral sex was considered a huge taboo. The Romans were far more shameful about oral sex than anal sex. However, in Chinese Taoism, it was valued as a spiritually fulfilling practice which was able to increase longevity. Today’s modern Western culture, oral sex is widely practised among adults and adolescents around the globe.

I consider Kamasutra, one of the most famous ancient erotic textbook in sexual education. Kamasutra origin from north-India and represent over 200 different sex positions with one full chapter on oral sex and positions to increase pleasure for couples.

How to give a man oral sex?

“Give ahead” “Blow-job” “BJ” “Suck him off” and much more how a man encourages you to blow his steam off after a long day at the office. If you are unsure how to start, what’ s a good blow-job like or just want to expand your knowledge, read the ultimate blowjob guide

How to give women oral sex?

“Eating a girl out” “Going south” “Licking the mango” and much more ways when a shy girl is trying to tell you she wants her pussy to be eaten by you. If you are a man and want to know from a women’s perception how to lick pussy.

Are there any risks of having oral sex?

Is Oral Sex Safe? Yes and No.

When starting any new sexual encounters best if you both get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Knowing your partner’s sexual history can help as well to stay healthy. However, I trust the black and white truth here. In most western countries STI’s check-ups are done within few days to a maximum a week. Definitely worth the wait. It will erase all risk factors and give a piece of mind to enjoy a safe, worry-free oral sex experience. Knowing you both STI free will make oral sex completely safe sexual activity.

However, if your blowjob bag of tricks involves rimming (licking around the anus area), it is wise to have your partner clean the area before engaging in an oral activity, just to be safe.

It’s not always a comfortable request, an alternative is to intentionally time oral sex after when your partner showered.

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When you tell him how much you like going down on him after a shower, you guarantee that cleanliness and freshness won’t be an issue. If your partner does have an STI, there is no way to guarantee 100 per cent safe oral sex. You can only protect yourself by placing a condom on your man before you go down on him. While it may not seem sexy, neither if you catch an infection. Don’t be shy, reinforce the use of condoms and insist no matter what. Health comes first, no pleasure worth the risk of catching something nasty for the rest of your life. Does it?

Most women are hesitant when it comes to giving a blowjob, they are concerned with whether or not they are “doing it right.” However, the biggest mistakes women make aren’t in technique, but in attitude. They don’t get into it, they are unenthusiastic, or they’re anxious. Or they are just not doing it at all. To these women, I would recommend: Just give it a full-on try! If you have an open and eager attitude and a willingness to explore and learn, you have nothing to be concerned about.

Giving a mind-blowing blowjob or licking pussy like a champ comes with practice (lots!!!) Begin putting into practice the techniques learned and your oral activity will improve as your appetite increases. Beyond that, keep your teeth out of the way, and you can guarantee he or she will be begging for more.

Be Ready to Receive

Oral sex is certainly enjoyable to give but don’t give up an opportunity to receive. Now it’s your turn!

Being a great lover isn’t about possessing any magic powers or porn-star skills. It’s about paying attention to the responses of your partner, discovering what turns him on and brings him pleasure, and seeking to move into those desires. A woman who is confident and excited to pleasure her partner, and who brings a spirit of enthusiasm and adventure, has all the tools she needs to be legendary in the bedroom.

I believe oral sex is an art and more intimate sexual experience than intercourse. Think about it. You use your mouth nearly all survival skills such as feeding, breathing, drinking. You wouldn’t put anything in your mouth, right?

Okay, so before performing oral sex, always check, examine your partner’s genital area and if you see, smell anything strange don’t do it or if you are giving a blow-job for someone new and unsure just a put a condom on. It’s easier to catch sexually transmitted infections (STI) when something doesn’t look right, probably it isn’t! If you partner has bleeding gums, don’t perform oral sex. Unprotected oral sex has the risk of getting HIV, herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea.

Using a condom with a new partner will highly recommended, and it will protect you from catching any STIs. Pleasure is important but safety and health are worth ten times more and always should come first!

Don’t be a person who thinks, oral sex is not sex.

It’s the same or if not more intimate as regular intercourse, therefore, needs the same caution.

I hope you found interesting this article, learnt some background, health benefits and what to look out for when performing oral sex.

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Happy Orgasms Naughty ones! 



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