3 Ways To Get Into BDSM for Beginners

Bdsm can be overwhelming. Especially BDSM for beginners. I have hand-picked three easy to implement BDSM activity which can be smuggled into your everyday ‘vanilla sex’ life without the major investment into BDSM gears or complex BDSM knowledge. These games are easy to start with.  You might even practice already some of them, without knowing …

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How To Eat Pussy Like a Champ – Guide That All Men Should Read

How to eat pussy like a champ? [bctt tweet=”Pussy eating is an intimate, physical, emotional, spiritual experience for both partners. ” username=”alexandra_guru”] In ancient times fellatio (sucking), cunnilingus (licking) was respected as a spiritually fulfilling practice in Chinese Taoism, which regards it as having the ability to enhance longevity. However, the Romans were more shameful about oral …

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First time squirting

Everyone knows something about squirting You might have heard about it, maybe have seen it on porn, or have experienced in a heated moment during your self-exploration (aka masturbation times) or sexual intercourse.

The Secrets of Hand-Free Orgasm

How to have a mind-blowing female orgasm without touching yourself? What? Yes, that’s entirely possible. The phenomenon called hands-free orgasm otherwise also named “hyno sex” or erotic hypnosis. Erotic hypnosis is a way to seduce someone sexually thought their mind.This type of hypnosis can enhance intimacy, love, trust in couple’s relationship while boost sexual life …

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Blow jobs

How to give the ultimate blowjob? All men love getting blowjobs. For men, it is almost greater than their sports team (almost!). Most women don’t like giving blowjobs. In fact, even if you’re in the minority of women who enjoy giving head, chances are you aren’t in the mood to perform as often as your man would …

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