First time squirting

What is female ejaculation – squirting is?

Everyone knows something about squirting You might have heard about it, maybe have seen it on porn, or have experienced in a heated moment during your self-exploration (aka masturbation times) or sexual intercourse.

Great, let’s remove the myths around this topic:

What squirting is?

Squirting also known as female ejaculation. It is when a woman has been stimulated in such a way that her body releases fluid. Sometimes accompanied by an orgasm (quite frequently,) but can happen without orgasm as well.

Okay, so why would even someone like to squirt? Why is it good?

Being able to squirt with an orgasm is some ways similar experience like mountain climbing.

Would you like to climb a hill or would you feel proud if you could climb the Mount Everest?

You see, first time squirting is similar like when you reach the top of the Mount Everest. It’s the apex of the female ejaculation, the non-plus-ultra type of orgasm, especially because if it happens usually accompanied by g-spot orgasms.

We, women, are more lucky in the orgasm department, we could “quickly” experience six different type of orgasm, such as vaginal orgasm, clitoris stimulated to orgasm, g-spot orgasm, anal orgasm, tantric orgasm (waves of orgasm within the body) and full body orgasm.

Read more about the tantric sex and orgasm here: (link)

Squirting (especially) first time squirting can be a super powerful, empowering almost spiritual experience, also little confusing sexual experience if you are new to it. I remember when it happened to me the first time.

We were making out with my partner at that point. I had multiple orgasms already, and I hop on the top of him, started riding him and boom…. it was an earth shattering experience. Multiple waves of orgasms took over my body. It was so intense, powerful that almost was too much to bare. Certainly, I was not prepared or know what’s going on with me?

And when it stopped I looked down he was covered in all….. Oh no: have I peed on him?

Luckily, he was way more educated (10 years old too) in the sexual playground, so with a big smile he looked up at me and say:

-Well done, you just had your first time squirt my love.

Really? What’s that? So I didn’t pee on you? – was still in shock asked him.

No honey, you experienced female ejaculation: it is not pee, it’s body fluid.

Since then it has happened me several occasions, but never consciously or planned.

I would like to invite you on a sexual discovery journey to learn to squirt, so we can learn it and just do it whenever we feel like it. Are you interested?

Read on:

What is the actual liquid?

We mentioned earlier that I thought it was pee. There is a lot of myths around female ejaculation.

Let’s clear those.

Okay, so it is a liquid that comes from the bladder, but it’s not pee, it’s ejaculation. It does not have the same smell, content and thickness of pee. Anyone who has ever experienced female ejaculation or was brave enough to see, taste, touch or feel it will tell you it has nothing to do with urine. It is a liquid that comes from the scene’s gland (aka female “prostate”).

Can everyone do squirting?

Theoretically YES! We, women, have all the same biological body parts required for squirting ( glands, g-sport), so in theory, we all can squirt. The only issue can be the belief in the ability of squirting. There are lots of women out there, who never experienced female ejaculation, so they think it’s impossible or just some myth or simple pee. However it’s not true, but they might never try to stimulate themselves up in their G-spot ( ok some they don’t even know they got a G-spot) or they haven’t met the right type of man who can patiently stimulate them in that specific way which will encourage squirting!

Okay enough from the theory let’s get down to business.

Here are some practical tips on:

How to make women squirt the first time?


I think this is the most important factor if the women are entirely comfortable and in trust with her partner, she will be able to give herself in for the G-spot stimulation fully. She needs to feel completely at the moment, not running any errands in her brain or worry about the outcome. As a man, if you can demonstrate an open mind, patient, tender, slow foreplay with lots of kissing and mental stimulation that will most likely bring your lady into relaxing state. It’s also essential to reassure your partner that no matter what happens, it’s okay!

Don’t forget women’s biggest sex organ is their brain.  ( two tales video from youtube!!!) That leads to our second point:


As a man trying to give her lots of compliment and communicate your intentions about you wanting to give her a G-spot orgasm. It will help women relax more, get more in touch with their body

Ladies: Who doesn’t like to hear their ass/breast looks great, right?

It will help her focus on the body instead of being up in her mind. Ladies feel free to say if you need slower, faster, more depth, etc. You feel it; he can’t. (Unless he is G-spot magician, but let’s not assume, just communicate openly direct and feel and trust in the process and your partner.


Ladies, this is for you. Time to switch off and just let go, relax and enjoy the pampering TLC (tender loving care) times. Stop thinking about the kids, shopping, cleaning, job. Now is your time to just be the sex goddess you are in your head, let it out and let your man love your beautiful body.  ( link to Tantra blog)


So you tried to squirt, and nothing happened. How many times did you try riding a bike before you were able to ride straight without falling? Many times, right? You fallen you hit yourself ( yes it was painful) but then you had the curiosity to get up and try it again. Let’s take this “exercise” in the same way. It’s not a race with yourself or others. Some women can squirt for the first time, some will squirt for the tenth time, and some will never be.

What is the difference between those women? I believe it’s the limiting belief around the ability if they can or not? Or the limiting belief if it’s worth the effort, the time? And the fear that if they can’t, they not good enough! So again ladies, get off from your head. These questions only exist there.

The body will know what’s right for you.

What’s the worst actually can happen? Your man will give you an excellent tender foreplay, and you will have a regular orgasm at least. Boomer, right? So ease up and just be curious and willing same as when you were a little girl and ride that bike again and again. Your man will be happy with your willingness to give it a try. So it’s a win-win.


Deep breathing helps you to get you more grounded, present and guides your attentions towards being in your body, instead of thinking about that nasty cellulite on your tights, arms, or what if you haven’t got a perfect breast. Believe me, by the time any man gets to this point: they all so heated, they can hardly think. The blood only flows one way and this case it’s down.

So it’s time to get off those nasty thoughts and swaps them for how beautiful you are and how lucky they are to have you and both you are to have some fun together.


Okay, it happened, you squirted. Congratulation. It can be just a few drops, or it can be lots of fluids.

Don’t panic; It’s all without the nasty smell or odour so will be just like you spilt water all over each other. Keep some towels handy for the smooth transition, and you will be just fine.

Tip for the ‘adventures kinky types’: Lick the liquids off your lady’s pussy 🙂 Holly Molly, that’s Hot! And for sure would make any women reassure of a man’s level of desire and love towards them.

How to stimulate the G-spot for squirting?

1: Make sure the woman is super aroused

2: Use lube if needed (it’s nothing personal)

3: Insert one or two fingers into her vagina

4: Feel the front wall of the vagina

5: Make a “come here” stroke with your finger(s)

6: Insertion should be around one to three inches ( half finger length)

7: Feeling it a swollen spot, sponge bottom

8: Keep up the ‘coming up’ motion (until you see she start to climax)

9: Start to shake your finger(s) inside the vagina

10: Mix up pressing the g-spot and shaking (shake it hard, fast this point)

11: Female ejaculation – squirting starts!!!

12: Do not stop, keep up rapid stimulation until her orgasm completed

Bonus tip:

Women experiencing female ejaculation, first time squirting can laugh or cry immediately after it.

Don’t be intimidated about this. It’s not you; it’s the emotions coming up in her body.

As a man take it as you helped her heal from a past unwanted, not pleasurable sexual experience and now her body releasing these trapped emotions. Instead be proud of HER and YOURSELF!!

What if it doesn’t work?

Don’t give up. Remember it’s like biking, the more you do it, the better you get in it!

Like everything in life, practice makes perfect.

Ladies if you feel so, you can start practising at home by yourself. Watch porn, if you fancy, daydream about Brad Pitt or use your favourite vibrator. Sex toys directly developed for G-spot stimulation also could help to get more into squirting.

I would highly recommend to getting a U or J shape vibrator to start with experimenting.

Check out the selection here:

Vibrators are great sex toys to use by yourself or spice up your couples sex life.

Ladies don’t be shy to show him, how you like it.

Turn up the speed and heat in the bedroom and have some fun.

Video on How to make women squirt

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