Are you a high-performer? Learn about pleasure hypnosis

Are you a high-performer? Learn about pleasure hypnosis

Are you mostly in charge – thinking with your head instead of your heart? Do you find it hard to switch off the ‘thought train’ after a long day and be present, emotionally available and intimate with your spouse/partner/kids?

If any of these you answered: YES! Stick around as I got something special for You! This is pleasure hypnosis.

As an Ex-Economist turned into Hypno-tantric Goddess believe me I know exactly how you feel.

Ready to fill your life with more pleasure instead of pressure?

I got the magic pill for YOU – it’s pleasure hypnosis. This is what my client experience just after few sessions:

“The real breakthrough for me came with pleasure hypnosis. This is something I had always rejected in the past: it doesn’t work for me, never and not online for sure. Alexandra proved me wrong even with the first session which was an audio cast (!). We have had several real time sessions since and I feel like a totally different person: I noticed my mind is less cluttered with work, I feel relaxed and calmer and more present with my kids. I love preparing and caring for my wife and overall just feel satisfied, joyous and balanced – since we are doing the pleasure hypnosis. Even my family complimented me on my recent energy and mood shifts. And the best it worked remotely. So in conclusion, Alexandra has opened new worlds to me and has helped me cope with some of my legacy and intimacy issues which have been impacting my life and relationships. Can’t recommend her enough.” – said Carl from UK.

This is just one of the ‘love-notes’ from fellow high-achieving man – just like You.

Ready to be the next Carl and transform your life with the help of my guidance to experience more pleasure, more purpose and prosperity?

Mental blocks can hinder your (sexual) life performance and freedom.
When you know you want to do something, yet keep going back to the same old-maybe self-sabotaging pattern -like switching on porn-instead-listening some audio erotica and breath?
You consciously want to change, yet there is still something sabotaging that!

Yes, that’s your hidden programming. Your subconscious mind holds 95% of your unconscious beliefs.
The beliefs you received when you were a child and early in adulthood – yet might not serve you any longer!

Are you a high-performer? Learn about pleasure hypnosis

That’s why pleasure hypnosis is transformative, because we NOT only work on the surface level

But the realms of your subconscious mind where untapped programs and deep pleasure waiting to be unleashed during moments of intimacy.

Picture it that you have total control over your mind-body -much like a skilled navigator steering a ship through uncharted waters, paving the way for a newfound sense of ‘arrival’ in blissful experiences. The voyage to heightened pleasure and self-discovery begins with the courage to explore and break free from the religious, social and old beliefs/blocks that may be holding you back.

Are you ready to embark on this fulfilling self-discovery towards a more liberated pleasure-filled intimate life? To see, feel, experience -what’s really possible for you outside the boardroom?

Experience ecstasy, bliss and satisfaction in your whole body with the power of hypnosis.
Empower yourself now by raising your hand, asking for support to unlock your great power within!

Pleasure hypnosis can be used to increase performance in and out of the bedroom

Hypnosis can help you relax and be more connected to yourSELF and your partner(s).

  • Do you feel emotionally detached or worrying about your performance during sex?
  • Do you want to increase your libido and spice up your relationship?
  • Do you want to experience boundless love flowing through your veins while you make love?

How to be a high-performer with pleasure hypnosis

That’s all possible with the power of hypnosis. You know there is research with pro-Athletes that before they go to the field, they visualize their performance, they rehearse it in their mind, so they mind get in state even before stepping into the field, that’s what i can support you with. To get into state before you get intimate, so when you are, it’s EASY! It’s flowy, because you no longer doubt!

Losing the ability to enjoy intimacy due to the fact of stress and performance anxiety, has a grand negative effect on your relationship. There can be many reasons why you feel less sexual pleasure, but your SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS are major players in it. What do you believe about:

  • yourself,
  • your relationship,
  • your body,
  • your partner.

If you feel good about yourself, your body and your partner – the chances of enjoying intimacy will greatly increase. The way you can feel better and better – if you give better programs to your brain.

Beliefs buried deep in the subconscious, unpleasant past encounters or patterns hinder sensual pleasure and sexual performance. Pleasure hypnosis seeks to support You to realize, identify and eliminate these negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions and replace them with empowering and liberating beliefs.

Pleasure hypnosis can enhance your performance NOT only in the bedroom, but the boardroom as well. It also can increase love, trust, safety being in your body and being intimate with self and others.

Why do men enjoy pleasure hypnosis?


  • To experience deeper mind-body connection and quit porn-through audio-erotica
  • To reconnect with their body and experience greater mind-or-multi-orgasms
  • To fulfill a fetish or kinky fantasy
  • To help them relax and rehearse love-making before they go into intimate moments
  • To improve libido, arousal and erection
  • To feel more empowered in being present and purposeful instead of being in pressure.

Are you curious about how it works in practice?

Then download pleasure hypnosis to be activate into more pleasure:

If you want to get more one-on-one guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s talk!

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