3 Tips To Boost Your Sexual Confidence with Tantra

Do you ever question your sexual performance?
Do you ever wonder if your sexual desires are normal?
Do you ever feel that you only use a small percentage of your sexual and orgasmic potential?

Modern society may still have a very closed mentality when it comes to sexuality. This approach can leave you feeling alone and leave you confused. I get that. I have been there. You feel totally lost and vulnerable.

Do you have a burning desire to learn tantra or new ways of pleasuring yourself? But you don’t know-how and where to start.

Tantric masturbation is one of the best ways to learn more about your body, re-sensitize your senses and connect deeper with your emotions while you exploring your entire body.

As in everyday sex, we focus way too much only on the genital areas. Accessing your sexual power will help you to awaken and connect deeper within and with others. To be able to be “available” for others, you have to first get clear on your own sexual desires, explore, expand what you truly want.

To have mind-blowing tantric sex, you have to know your body and be able to control and ride your orgasmic pleasure and expand your orgasmic potential so it will be an ecstatic experience.

Learning about yourself it’s a never-ending task and the best investment you can make. Start by exploring your body inch by inch and watch the reactions your body has during various sensations while you play. Get connected to the feelings arise during this play. Get comfortable being there for your own pleasure.

Sexual confidence comes within, not how you look like or what you wearing, but how you show up within and in the world.

Once you know how to drive yourself to the edge and back, riding the wave of pleasure and standing tall in your beautiful masculine power, you will feel like a million-dollar. And let me tell you mastering your orgasmic pleasure its f** sexy.


These tips will help you embrace your sexuality, free you about your desires and uplift your spirit to boost not only your confidence but your health as well.

You will notice as your sexual confidence increases – the strength of your relationships will skyrocket as well. You will be able to connect in a much deeper level.

If you are single you will learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally and be able to attract the right partner with the newly renowned radiance.

First of all, to step out of your daily do’s, you have to learn to be able to relax and ‘get out of your head’ into your heart.

Tantra teaches you to be present and quiet your mind so you can release the tension from your mind-body-soul.

Learning to detach from your mental and emotional “dramas” will help you stay grounded and more connected to your sexuality, which will increase your confidence.


Breath is the super-strada for higher consciousness. Whenever you feel anxious or worried or feeling a lack of confidence within your sexual abilities as a lover. Stop for a moment, close your eyes and take three deep long breath through your nose and exhale throught your mouth to calm your mind and find your way back to your body.

Deep belly breathing will slow your mind-chatter and get you right back to feeling calm. You will soon start to feel more relaxed. The deeper your breaths goes the more conscious you will become of your body. You can also apply this breathing method when having sex with yourself or a partner. Taking deep belly breaths will also boost your blood circulation in your pelvic and belly area and make you feel more connected to your sexual power and get you even more aroused during the act.


One of the main tantric principles is staying present.
Being in the moment with yourself or your partner without a goal just purely for being, feeling, exploring and having pleasure without the pressure of having to have an orgasm.

What in depth presence means to me?
It’s letting go expectation for reaching anywhere.
It’s tuning in to your body to get awareness.
It’s letting your arousal raise, but not explode.
It’s touching your body to re-sensitize not to release.
It’s cultivating your sexual energy from your genitals up to the heart.
It’s expanding sexual energy around the full-body not to suppress it only to your genital areas.
Next time you make sex, make it as a ritual.
Make love as meditation.
Slowly with presence and awareness.
It’s a new era when sexual awakening happens.

Are you a man, who is willing to relearn sexuality?

Are you a man who wants to learn how to control his ejaculation and make his partner satisfied at all times?

Tantric sex Is not about the goal (the orgasm) or just getting off. Tantric sex it’s about the journey together.

Presence creates space for love, understanding and acceptance.


During sex, you should try to completely let go. To enjoy the moment, breath and growl. Make a sound, if you feel like the moaning of pleasure than do so. Be loud, be primal.

Predominantly, do not be scared to be heard.

Letting out your voice it’s sexy.

Asking your partner some feedback is a great way to learn to communicate openly about your sexual needs and desires. If you keep silent you hold back on many things: your breath, your sexual freedom, your way of saying “I desire, love and accept me and you”.

Visualize your success:
The journey into total relaxation, mindfulness and sexual freedom is not an easy path. It does require you to do a lot of inner work, self-discovery and emotional healing work. By doing visualisation exercises you can see yourself becoming. To increase the effect of visualization simple add some deep abdominal breathing.

Applying this type of breathing technique while self-pleasuring it’s a total game-changer. In tantra they say the breath is the hidden gateway to your “subconscious mind” and it has the key to unlocking your true self and awaken your soul’s desires.

The tantric path will require some courage from your end, to learn new ways of pleasure and let go of stuck emotions, stress, trauma that hold you back, but on the long run, I can guarantee it will be worth it. Tantra can bring you more satisfaction, happiness, sexual health and self-worth.

If you are curious and wish to know more about my Tantric approach – book a discovery call with me today to see how may I assist you to start learning and master your sexuality with tantra!

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