These 5 Tantra Tips Will Enliven Your Body Before Sex

In today’s modern society so many people have been living in their bodies disconnected from their true authentic self. Their desires and pleasures are forgotten and it makes them more separate from others.

We live in a society of constant rushing, and ‘to-do-lists.’

Most people are running through their everyday tasks, obligations, meetings, life experiences and life without a sense of truly feeling and living.

Most of us starving for love.
Craving to be loved.
Wanting to be understood.

Searching for something more that can fill us up to finally be happy.
And in the end we become more dissatisfied than ever. We lose control of our thoughts, connection with true desires, our body and eventually with others.

We become robotic. We find ourselves doing things from habit, not from our heart.
Come with me on a quick journey. A journey of self-discovery and self-love. A journey where I will teach how to become more conscious, aware of what’s going on with your thoughts and your body.
How to raise your energetic vibration and learn to accept, love and cherish your true self and your body.

Our Body Is A Temple
It shows us exactly what it requires to work its optimum health and vibration to create, not just exist. We need to learn to listen, and do it actively. When we are in pain, there is a reason for that.
Try not to stay and explore the pain. Not to escape, suppress* the emotion just listen and go through it. Once you experience the pain, face, embrace and learn to love it.

It will become pleasure. Actively listening to your body will increase your awareness of yourself, the world and become more sensitive, sensual and humble towards your own and others needs.

Reaching this conscious state will help you live in the present, instead of the future or the past. Once you become present and aware of your body’s reaction, wants, passions you will understand your needs.

Your energetic vibration will increase*, and you will feel more alive, enlightenment with yourself and the world. You will start to vibrate in a much higher state, the state of love. We only can attract energies that we already have.

We all made of energies. The universe has its energetical laws, and if we learn to master our bodies energetic level implemented with the universal rules, we will become radiant and unstoppable.

Understanding and applying this active self-healing way will help you have a more fabulous self-esteem and sex life with yourself and your partner.

Healing, being energetically enlightened and loving yourself is crucial to able to have a great sex life.
How do you get more into your energetic body before sex?

By practising these tantra tips. Tantra will teach you how to get out of your head back into your body. Accept your body with all your flaws. See the beauty within and around.

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