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Quit the ‘victim mode’

“The homework you gave me was tough. REAL LIFE smelly, draggy, crying, pulling Oh gosh I want to quit right now, though.

I just wanted to pour a glass of wine, curl up and bing watch porn on the sofa – my brain was processing and overloading me questions like: “Why am I’m doing this shit to myself? 

Then a voice said: Quit the ‘victim mode’ and take the challenge. 

So I started the emotional release exercise you gave me. 
As I was punching the pillow I felt both scared and uplifted to go into rage and suddenly all my emotions cracked me wild open and I started to release. Giant tears pour down on my cheek bones and I just sit there and sobbed as a little boy. I felt relieved. I felt seen. I felt the mask I have been carrying for so long just fallen off and I could be Meet Myself, the real ME again. 

I kept going and reached a point where I STOPped thinking and just went ALL IN to breakthrough my fears and negative emotions holding me back and that moment I immediately felt a thousand times better (probably much better then if I would have just gave in the old habit and wank away the pain.) 

I want to thank you for your guidance, care and wisdom, since I’m working with you not only my erotism and sexual life, but my health, relationship and career has gone though an enormous upgrade.” – Simon 

This is a message came from a dear client, who is working thought facing some abandonment issues (rejection), having disconnection from his partner and his body and unable to be gently with himself. He buried emotions so deeply he couldn’t even express himself fully prior to our work. 

This is your permission slip to FEEL

Feel all the good: joy, happiness, pleasure. 

Feel all the bad: anxiety, stress, frustration, rejection, loneliness. 

Hold space for all of it by being in the meditative state of ‘void’ 

which lays deep within in your soul. 

and which you can connect if you slow down and listen inside and reach out for help. 

Be without the outside distraction: no video games, no porn, no booze… just You and your Emotions in the space of nothing that actually gives EVERYTHING! 

Are you emotionally available for yourself & your partner? 

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