depth of your soul alexandra guru

The Depth of Your Soul ?

Jump into your soul’s ocean

there is an illusion of safety in modern society that makes us want to be indifferent to all 

you get married then you live happily 
you get a child then you feel love
you get a well-paying job you get recognition 
you get a million dollar then you become successful 

these are all just labels & conditions 

what would happen if you would choose freedom & jump with both feet in LIFE? 

Jump into your own SOUL’s calling? 

Jump with both feet into what you are here to EXPERIENCE in life? 

Everything will bring either LOVE or TRUTH 

Your sexuality is the greatest pool of all OCEANs.

Is the widest and most taboo OCEAN in the world

But also the ocean of unconditional self-love, life-force energy and vitality

It’s the shiniest, most seductive and most fulfilling ocean 

You can deep dive into or just dip your toes… 

Soften your body to increase your power and sensuality to LOVE and TRUST you can

You can immerse into the depth of an extraordinary ocean of all: YOURSELF. 

You born to be UNIQUE ?

Freedom is your birthright! 

Freedom of choice. 

Freedom of unconditional love. 

Freedom of sexual liberation ?

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