Shame is a painful and burning feeling that washes over and blocks your mind (body) making you feel small, flawed, not good enough. ⁠

Pleasure is your birthright! ⁠

Free sexuality is often been shamed by society. ⁠

I’m a firm believer, that entering into the arena of deep sensual pleasure and sexuality means that you understand both sides of the coin: taking – receiving. ⁠

You accept and allow your deepest darkest desires to turn on and embrace them fully as much as your fears. ⁠

Sexuality it’s the most complex playground: it’s scary, messy, raw, primal, orgasmic but also can be the most f$cking liberating self-healing journey. ⁠

In my upcoming mindful masturbation workshop I will teach you all of the tools and tricks – using mix modalities from sacred sexuality (tantra) to breath work thought conscious kink to LIBERATE yourself from shame. ⁠

The more you know and open up yourself, the more you will be able to express your true desires in and out of bed. ⁠

The more you play the more you will be able to surrender to deep pleasure. ⁠

The more you touch yourself the more it will FREE you! ⁠

What’s your relationship with your body/sexuality?

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