Does size really matter?

Does Size Matter in bed?

Majority of men constantly in doubt and question their size.

Grin the same question over and over again: Does size matters for women in bed?

The answer: Yes and No.

I have some refreshing views for you about this evergreen topic.

“Cut” a content creator website has decided to find the truth about this burning question: Does size really matters?

Cut interviewed 33 women between the ages of 18 and 50, if size matters.

Watch the video here:

In this video 1/3 of the women said size do matter, and 2/3 brought up other factors that are more important for them that size. Personally, I used to belong the group of 1/3 and firmly believe size does matter. Until the point, I have met a man who had smaller size and despite that, I had some mind-shattering orgasms every time we hook up. He was so eager to please me that his penis size did not matter at all. His sexual confidence and oral skills were incredible. He would go down on me willingly three times before even trying to have sex with me. Who wouldn’t be pleased with a guy like that, right?

I decided to investigate further and called up two of my bestie to hear what they think about it:  does size matters for them?

Here is what we came up matters more than size:

1: Compatibility

It does not matter if you have a small or large penis. It matters how it will fit into your partner’s vagina. Some woman has wilder, and some have tighter vaginas. Wilder vagina can be from delivering a baby through vaginal birth or if the woman lives a very physically active lifestyle. Both factors can cause looser vaginal muscles.

Bonus tip for women:

If you feel you have a wider vagina and your partner has a smaller size. You can start exercising with Kegel’s or Jade Eggs. Both toys can help you tighten up your muscles down there.

2: Orgasm source:

Only 25% of women can reach orgasm through their vagina, which means the traditional intercourse without other stimulation will not necessarily blow her away.

Unless your partner can experience vaginal orgasm, your size is irrelevant. If we examine this factor, in theory, you don’t even need your penis to pleasure women.

Bonus tip for man:

God gave you two hands, mouth and tongue for a good reason. Use them all!!! Learn to master G-spot stimulation while rubbing her clitoris and stop worrying about your size. 75% of women can reach orgasm just by clitoris stimulation and oral pleasure. Remember the women’s biggest sex organ is not between her leg’s, it’s between her ears. Telling her how pretty she is, how great she looks, it’s already making a champ! At least in her head.

3: Relationship type & Technique

Women intend to reach orgasm faster if they feel connected, safe and trust their partner.

If you are a man and reading this. Be giving and playful in the bedroom will skyrocket your chances. Don’t just focus on the end result (penetration). Improve your love-making technique and stamina in bed and take time to understand your women. Sex gets better with time.

Understand your and your partner’s pleasure source and identify which position, angle, depth feels the best for both of you! Biological size would not matter any longer if you master the right movements. Channel on connecting with her in a deeper level and become more confident on how to use your manhood is the two key factor for satisfying sex. If you pay attention for those, you will be an incredible lover in no time and can satisfy the majority of women.

Bonus tip for man:

Be patient and learn how to be more intimate, connected and sensual. Slow down. Add lots of foreplay. Pleasure and adore your women’s body not strictly focus on penetration when it comes to sex. It’s so much to explore before heading south. Play with her neck, ears, breast, thighs, buttock and back. You will see by the time you ready to enter her; she will be so aroused that won’t care for anything else just to feel you inside of her wet vagina.

Giving can be more joyous than receiving.

The majority of women love to get pampered by a man. Check here, how to eat pussy like a champ for ultimate adequate.

4:  Confidence & Willing Attitude

Man is showing up as a confident Alpha male with a willing attitude. Huge turn on for any women, as women in general, want to feel safe, submissive and protected in a relationship. If you are a man who is confident in his body, the sexual ability you will act more natural in bed. If you are natural you will be more open. Being more open will help you pay more attention to your partner’s needs and listen to signs and feedback on how she likes it.

Every woman is unique ‘guitar’. Learn to play their body the best knowledge. Be a curious adventurer who loves to explore every inch of the woman’s body. It will help you discover what triggers your partner’s climax.

Bonus tip for both:

Opening up emotionally during intercourse will bring new horizons in the relationship. Go longer and deeper. Check out all that you need to know about tantric sex, here:

We all agreed with my friends that if anything matters when comes to size, it’s more of the grind rather the length of the penis. Thickness can influence sensation. A huge difference in manhood grind or pussy wildness can lead mismatching and unsatisfied needs.

A man with a thinner and longer cock meeting up with a woman with a wider vagina and reverted womb can cause some several pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction if they don’t pay attention to each other emotionally as physically their bodies do not design perfectly to match.

I also have heard that Asian woman have a narrower vagina than European women. In this case, a regular European penis size guy can be painful and ‘too big’ for Asian women.

Everything is relative and always depends on the partner’s compatibility rather than general parameter or rules on what size is ideal.

The truth is that an average-sized (5 inches when erected) penis is perfectly enough to satisfy the vast majority of women. Unusually long penis without grind can be uncomfortable and not enjoyable in certain sex positions.


The size of a man’s penis is not a reflection of his sexuality and how great he is in bed.

The size of a woman’s vagina is not a reflection of her ability to receive pleasure.

Hope you found this article useful and learnt some new insights.

Please share your thoughts, tips, personal experiences and questions on “Does size matters?”

Naughty tip:

Try several sizes and observe what’s your yoni and who your soul is drawn instead theorising about the ideal size or limit yourself sexually. Dare to open up for new possibilities ?

Keep exploring & being naughty



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