dear beautiful men

Dear Beautiful Men, ⁠

I see you in your glory and struggles. ⁠

I see how hard YOU try to quit the hamster wheel of life-work. 

You have a corner office, a big fat paycheque – yet none of these status things fulfil you anymore as your family (emotional) life struggles.⁠

You feel miserable inside – even guilty – everyone around you think you ‘succeeded’- yet you feel burned out and alone. No energy or motivation for intimacy or deep conversations neither at home or work. ⁠

Despite the burning desire to change all this you can’t. You feel frozen and don’t know how to open up emotionally to your spouse or boss. ⁠

You feel tired, lonely and overwhelmed. ⁠
Stuck in the daily to-do’s routine. ⁠

During the years you mastered the act of NOT feeling your feelings at working and you until now you didn’t even realise you are doing the same when you are at home.⁠

You shut down and just function on a robot pilot mode. You are physically at home, but emotionally unavailable. ⁠

All this busy-ness’ doing energy leaves you drained, tired, desperate for a good word, yet you don’t know how to ask for what you need emotionally to feel acknowledge and supported. ⁠

I feel your pain – I feel how much you are suffering from this un-dated conditioning: that emotions are weaknesses. ⁠

It’s not your fault. You never had the emotional support nor the education on it. You probably grew up with a father without much conversation about emotions, needs and desires. ⁠

You feel there is a gap between YOU and your feelings. ⁠

You have the desire to grow, evolve and communicate just don’t know how & where to start! ⁠

I got you. ⁠

The last FIVE years my work with men has been eye-opening. I realised how much men are suffering (mostly in silence) repressing their truth and emotions. ⁠ ⁠

Why men? ⁠

I love men. I can relate to men’s struggle easily. I can hold space for men to be vulnerable and share with ease – as I hold a ton of masculine energy yet I’m deeply emphatic. ⁠

My parents taught me that being successful, ambitious is a must and I knew it requires certain attributes. ⁠

Having a ‘thick skin’ in the game. ⁠
Going through the motion of the day not showing emotions as it can be considered as weakness. ⁠

Yet feeling the hunger to feel something.

You want to feel more safe and secure within yourself and the relationships most important for you. Being in a state of ease and flow which allows you to be more open and vulnerable resulting greater intimacy and connection.

My coaching is all about rewriting your old beliefs and personal stories to ignite passion while upgrading your mindset and energy level to nurture, heal, elevate you to step into your inner integrated POWER as a man -which is your birthright. ⁠

I feel myself going though that inner work and polarity (feminine-masculine energetics) healing makes me the perfect GUIDE for you. ⁠

If you had enough trying to constantly show up in a “I’ve got my sh**t together” way everywhere…(when you don’t) ⁠

Let’s speak brother!

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