Your performance at work will suffer if you haven’t yet mastered being present fully with yourself. ⁠

Do you ever feel that you have to constantly perform? ⁠

Does your calendar filled with back-to-back-meetings? ⁠

Do you feel stressed so having quality sex is just another task or appointment on the to-do-list? ⁠

I got it. ⁠

Being a successful CEO and husband (lover) can be a super challenging and demanding combination. ⁠

Just stop for a brief moment and take a nice deep letting go breath for me NOW. Close your eyes. Feel into your body and the idea of you dominating the bedroom the same way you dominate the boardroom? ⁠

How does it make you feel? ⁠

Does the thought of you being a skilful lover tingles and excites you? Wonderful! ⁠

There is a way you can feel more present, connected and energetically charged to thrive in all areas of your life. (Hint it’s not the blue pill!) ⁠

It’s your ENERGY. ⁠

Mastering your SEXUAL ENERGY will support you to thriving in the bed while excelling in the boardroom. ⁠

You have a choice …⁠

1: Wake up and do junk-food sex or regular masturbation – waste all your energy (power) before the day even begun. ⁠

Or ⁠

2: Wake up and do tantric sex or mindful mastrubation feel freaking amazing – full of energy, strength & focus! ⁠
Ready to tackle anything life throws you at day & night! ⁠

Choose better HABITS for better lifestyle. ⁠

Isn’t that amazing how life is all about CHOICES? ⁠

You made a choice about your carrier, business, about your car, picked up your gym membership…. ⁠even your WIFE. ⁠

Why not choosing better when it comes to sex? ⁠

Why not investing into sexual education you never had? ⁠
Why not tap into your source power (your sexuality)? ⁠

I’m here to GUIDE you into sacred sexuality with a twist. ⁠

If the time is right for you to harness your sexual energy to dominate beyond the boardroom, let’s speak! ⁠

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