I have been taking online coaching sessions with Alexandra for 2 months now. It has been an amazing experience.

Initially, it was very much about discussing my ’issues’ in coaching sessions. She was listening and asking: asking the right questions, leading to great insights. She offered me a variety of tools how to handle certain situations. Some worked immediately, others needed (or maybe need) some time to be effective. In one situation, this was really useful. It just worked!

The real breakthrough for me came with hypnosis. This is something I had always rejected in the past: it doesn’t work for me, never. Alexandra proved me wrong even with the first session which was an audio cast (!). We have now had a number of sessions real time and we will have more. I am a different person since we are doing this. Even my family sees it. And it works remotely … not unimportant in Corona times.

So in conclusion, Alexandra has opened new worlds to me and has helped me cope with some of my legacy issues which have been impacting my life.

Highly recommend!

Carl from Germany

I approached Alexandra because I was suffering from a lack of confidence and an inability to maintain relationships and connection with women. I also have a foot fetish, which I believed is a “sin” and not many women would appreciate. Alexandra helped me see the importance of loving myself, communicating my own needs and feeling comfortable in my skin by accepting my sexual desire and be open about it. This was really important to give me the confidence and belief that there is a woman out there for me. I turned from a negative and anxious person into a confident and outgoing man. Alexandra is a very skilled coach, she used a variety of techniques to support me through from somatic coaching (active listening) to hypnotherapy. She is a very attentive and empathetic person, a great listener and someone with a very positive and non-judgemental outlook on life and sexuality.
If you have any mindset or “self acceptance” issues around sex and intimacy, I would highly recommend booking in the 90 day immersion program with her, as it has saved my social and sex life! I’m ever grateful for her! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After many years of struggling with my sexuality (especially when it comes being orgasmic)
I have finally decided to look for professional help so I would enjoy sex and have plenty orgasms, just like most women.
I have met Alexandra many years ago in London when she lived here, and followed her journey of traveling and becoming a Sex Coach. I plucked up the courage and sent her a detailed letter about my complex physical issue that I had, which I strongly believed was caused my mental blockage. As we know our mind is powerful, and we can fill it up with many things, thoughts that can stop you achieving your goals. Alexandra suggested we have a 4 sessions online coaching mixed with hypnosis sessions, and see how I feel afterwards. After reading her blogs, and watching her youtube videos, each day I believed more and more that this can change my life for the better. On the first session we talked about how my introduction to sex began, where she made notes and draw up her approach to the next session where we had a tantric breath work and meditation session.
On the 3rd session, we have talked about control and let go technics.
After each sessions, Alexandra has sent me homework and educational materials to help me deepening my sexual practice and rewire my mindset around orgasms.

On our last session we did a pleasure and orgasm hypnosis. I have listened her voice, guiding me through an hour bliss.
My body was tingled and I was so aroused the whole time. It was an unbelievable experiencing. Sensing so much pleasure in my body just by her smooth voice.

I have put faith in her and her techniques, that it will put me to the right journey, but honesty i never expected this much transformation to happen in such a short time.

Im beyond grateful to Alexandra, as in the past few weeks, my sexuality have grown beyond any of my expectations.

Now I’m practicing concious masturbation and I have orgasm again. My biggest breakthrough is that I can now squirt.
I recommend Alexandra wholeheartedly, working with her was a breeze, no views, no stigmas attached.
She has a very friendly and welcoming, but professional attitude that makes opening up to her easy.
Im sure our path will cross again, one way or another.
Thank you for everything x

H from London


I met Alexandra at a time when I had internalized a lot of frustration and personal challenges. She provided a safe space for me both to express these and have someone listen, as well as then help with learning how to address and overcome these challenges through a variety of means. I feel like I am still at the start of the journey but already a weight has been lifted. Alexandra has a rare gift for connecting with you at a deep level and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


When I invited Sandra over to my home, I had no idea it’s gonna be a breakthrough “retreat” for me. That one day with her help, made me understand and realize the biggest obstacles that have been holding me back for ages! I had no idea I had those “blocks” in me, since it was normal and natural to me in my everyday life. At the end of the day apart from understanding my “learned” behaviors that effected many areas of my life, I started to feel love for myself and accepting who I am! Then we went for a walk in the near forest when I felt like I want to take my clothes off. ? And I’ve never felt more liberated, free and beautiful in my whole life. This is an indescribable feeling. She has such a deep knowledge and understanding how our body and mind works. This one day with her gave me soooo much, It’s hard to tell! ? I can not be grateful for her help enough and I CAN NOT RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY ENOUGH! Thank you very much Sandra!!! ❤️?
Being inclined to spirituality, I got interested in knowing more about Tantric Massage and after experiencing highest level of pleasure it was indeed a revelation how the sexuality can be a way to experience the inner divinity. The experience was out of the world which takes you to unknown realms of pleasure definitely spiritual in nature. The best part of the experience was i actually understood how sexual energy needs to be experienced and how you can relish it with longevity. The society is unfortunately exposed to the unreal or gross form and is devoid of understanding how sexual energy can be used to attain highest state of bliss and happiness which we all seek. I thank Alexandra for introducing me to this hidden jewel from an ancient era and helping me use it for enriching my life. Her understanding, skill, expertise and proficiency with this art is of the highest standards. She makes sure you are comfortable, inhibition free and helps you set the standards for an enthralling self-exploring journey using her enchanting beauty, affection and care. Highly Recommend her with a 10/10 rating.

First of all I would like to say thank you for being accepted in the Sexy me Group, I was following the 5 day self pleasure challenge. And yesterday I had my date night with my man. I felt super sexy and I was in this femme fatale light of mine, when he was like totally moody, negative. I tried everything to cheer him up, but he was just ready to create conflict…and then I got into his strange energy. I said to him, better if he leaves for now…I was kind of sad, and felt this rejection, or if I am not good enough. BUT this time, it was different. Because I understood whatever is going on with him, is his story, I was there to help, he rejected me. And he came to my super calm bubble and ruined it. So I was letting go, checked in your last video about energetic orgasm. I did the practice once and twice this morning, and I feel such a liberation and worthiness and connection to my female energy. I feel that deeply inside I have always wanted this. That I matter. I stand up for myself. Will my man come back? I don’t know, but now I can do this energetic orgasm every time… when I need to manifest, let go or just enjoy! Thank you!❤️
Zsuzsanna from Hungary

Body De-Armouring.

“I was not quite sure what to expect. I was certainly curious. Now I know it is ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING.

It started with breathing practice. Inhale, exhale. Deep and (fairly) fast. Alexandra then pressed certain parts of my body which was between sensual and painful. In combination with the breathing exercise I started to feel dizzy and relaxed, warm and at easy.

Then came the MIND-BLOWING part: my prostate being touched. I sometimes enjoy this in a sexual context but here it was different. In the state I was in this lead to bodily sensations unheard of. My entire body in state of … well I don’t know how to describe … trembling, shaking, almost passing out … the entire body felt light and awakened. Not an orgasm. Something else, something beyond … just UNREAL. Took me a while to get back to Planet Earth.

Is it repeatable? I do hope so … NOT TO BE MISSED!

Ryan from UK

In the session I felt that a lot of tension came out of my body, and afterwards I had a huge smile on my face. Also, I just felt really peaceful and relaxed in the moment.

During the session with Alexandra she guided and helped me to experience deep pleasure in my body. During the massage I have realized that i have a lot of resistance to truly experience bodily pleasures.